Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Miss Fame is one of the fastest rising queens in the country with as much talent as she has beauty. Hailing from a farm town in California with hundreds of chickens, cows, and dirt roads, she quickly realized that she did not fit the farm boy template set for her by the grandparents that raised her. Miss Fame completely evolved over the years into the Super Model Drag Queen that she is today.  Her career began to make headway as an editorial model in California, but she left the West Coast in 2011 for bigger and better opportunities in New York City. Since moving, she has worked with a number of celebrity photographers including Mike Ruiz, She went on to become the muse for iconic fashion photographer Mary McCartney's book Devoted, and sat for live interviews with The Huffington Post and after her participation in the viral international photo series Half-Drag by Leland BobbĂ©. When it comes to the camera, no other queen compares, she is just plain flawless.Just when you think she can't look any more flawless, she releases photos from yet another stunning shoot. She finally shared some of her sickening skills in a step-by-step makeup tutorial released late last month on You Tube. Wouldn't surprise me one bit if she shows up on Drag Race.


  1. Yes,miss fame is quite flawless, I think she would be a excellent queen for drag race.

  2. Amazing. Loving that last picture.

  3. I have never seen her perform, but her make up techniques are legendary!


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