Tuesday, May 20, 2014

IT'S A WRAP........


A perfect clean sweep!!!! I love you and so proud gurl!!!!!!
What a night. Some of my observations
1- Way to drawn out.
2- So nice Bendelacreme got Miss Congeniality
3- Laganja still got on my nerves, but I thought her wig was fierce- the Mistress wants it.
4- Josyln Fox still hasn't learned to perfect that make up and look, but thank God she is adorable and makes for a cute boy.
5- Milk should have worked this glam look more, she may have gotten further.
6- Can the Pit Crew wear less next year please?
7- Nice to see so many of the pass queens all together.  I wonder how many tried to steal each other purses?
8-With all those queens in the auditorium and that Aqua-Net, good thing no one lit a match!!!!!
9- Gia Gunn still thinks she is the bomb
10-Still don't care for Darienne Lake. But her dress was the best one she showed over the things she wore on the runway.
11- I'm sure Magnolia will catch hell for her gay bingo style, but it was cute and that is her Schick, but she could drop that tude.
12- Bendelacrème is still sweet as whip cream. Ben dear, call me.
 Life at the Casa will be sweet!!!
13- Over all, A very fun night!
Congrats to the ever fabulous Bianca yet again!!! But was there ever a question????
Good night dearies!


  1. Mistress, you frickin NAILED this season, almost in the order they went, but from the beginning said Bianca would win!!!!! Next year I'm listening to you more closely. I enjoyed the show too.

  2. DAMN YOUR GOOD. So happy with turn out. Couldn't help but wonder though if DWTS James leaving hurt you?!?!?!?

  3. You sure know your drag. This was the third year you called the winner and pretty close top 5 and you always call the first five to leave. LONG LIVE QUEEN BIANCA!!!!!

  4. Didn't follow this season as closely as others past, but Bianca was definitely my favorite. The guy is smart and hilarious

  5. You are right. Any queen that headlines with the legendary Lady Bunny, who isn't going to pick just any queen to headline, how could they lose!!!! Congrats Bianca! Hot Mess I'm sure will be insane this week!!!!!!

  6. SO HAPPY! I've been rooting for Bianca since the beginning and I'm so happy she won. I really thought there was a chance that Bianca and Adore might have tied. I also think Adore will have big things in store for her.

  7. Bianca! :-) Enjoyed your recap. xoxoxo

  8. Oh I too was so happy. I did love all three finalist, but thought Bianca is really the well balance of all the qualities. Her and Jinkx I feel are what true drag queens are all about

  9. Yeah Bianca!!! Couldn't agree more with Darienne. That was better than she ever looked on the runway, so how the hell did she get that far?

  10. Yiiipppeee! Now where's the next batch of bitches?

  11. Love the recap.
    LOVE that Bianca won.
    Agree about the Pit Crew wardrobe ... less is bettah.

  12. it was a pretty good show....ru's intro was good this year. i got a bit nervous, thinking adore might get it, though i knew bianca had to.

    1. Wasn't it nice! Now save the bullets for next year tootes

  13. LOVE BIANCA. It was quite a show last night.

  14. You go Bianca!!!!!! And well wishes for the other queens.


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