Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Grande Dame-Satine Harlow

Hold on to your wigs little drag lovers it's Philadelphia's own, feisty Satine Harlow !!! Satine started doing drag almost two years ago. Her biggest inspirations for Satine were Bettie Page, Jean Harlow, Jessica Rabbit, and Nicole Kidman's character in the film Moulin Rouge, so it's obvious to see where she pulled her name from. Satine wanted her drag persona to be that pin-up inspired, sultry sexpot which she felt was missing in the Philly drag scene. One interesting tidbit about this talented performer is she suffers from horrible stage fright, but she knows the show must go on! Satine was part of Mimi Imfirst's Dollhouse review, and after her talents there got wrapped she can now be seen every Sunday at Tabu for their weekly show Sinful Sundays


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