Monday, June 25, 2012

Grande Dame

Tiffany Arieagus is a drag legend in Florida and is one super nice queen,  and unbelievably professional.Tiffany Arieagus, who born in Alabama, began her career performing at Pensacola's Red Garter in the early Seventies. She toured the state and much of the world. With over some 30 years experience she has more than 40 titles under her skirt, including Miss Continental USA and Miss Universe. She called it quits in South Beach in the late 1990s and moved to Fort Lauderdale. Adora Miami brought her out of retirement at the recent memorial tribute to South Beach diva Sexcilia, who died in January. At the final Noche Latina she sealed the deal with powerful singing and a silver cocktail dress that wouldn't quit. Now 50, Miss Tiffany Arieagus makes rare appearances on the nightclub circuit. She spends most of her time working as an HIV case manager for Center One as well as helping raise funds for the Kiwanis, the American Cancer Society, and various HIV-related organizations.


  1. It would be an honor to meet her! I hear she is an amazing queen!

  2. I would swear I saw her perform once when I was in South Beach. If it was she was incredible.

  3. Anonymous6/25/2012

    Now that is a queen with talent, a commitment to compassionate service and a great wardrobe. Not sure which I love the most :)


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