Friday, July 1, 2011

Off to a Garden Party........

........Finally the weekend is here! The Mistress is out of town again for the weekend for a "garden party " themed shindig with the gay boys at the house of some eccentric doctor, who I understand is a plastic surgeon. Hmmmmmmmm this could come in handy one day! So I was throwing some things together for a garden floral feel,which is what were supposed to wear. It will be campy to say the least! I also have a picnic to go to fill up on. Nothing like summer picnic foods!

Well I hope you all have a fabulous and wonderful weekend!

I'll be back to the Casa Monday. And then my vacation starts Wednesday, so I'll be disappearing again, like a cock-a-tail being downed by Amy Winewarehouse!!!! Tootles y'all!


  1. Don't come back all full of plastic or Botox!

  2. adios gurl! stay away from those bottle rockets, they'll be flying everywherez this weekend. Wide brimmed hat fo sho!

  3. ...and there you go again! Are you sure you aren't the Mistress Mariah? like the wind??? LOL Have a Wonderful w/e and a Fabulous 4th M!


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