Saturday, October 9, 2010

Being Happy 101


The Mistress is generally a very happy go lucky person. I can't explain it, but I'm always in a good mood and pretty happy with my life. Earlier this week the Mistress was given the Happy 101 Award by a fairly new blogger I've just met, Debra, who writes the blog She Who Seeks, who writes of very interesting posts about art, labyrinths, poetry and other things of interests. It really is a must read if you get the chance. Anywho, I thank -you so much Debra for the kind Happy 101 award. I've have done these before, so I usually don't do these anymore, but as Debra and I are getting to know each other, I couldn't resist her offer. I'm supposed to list 10 things that make me happy, hell, we might be all day! But I'll stream line it for ya tootes!

1- My Boy-Toy- in many ways!
2- my dog Buster Bolfig Borghese-who always make me laugh.
3- Fresh Flowers- in the house, they always make me feel happy.
4- Cooking, always make me happy, plus eating it is even better.
5- Clocks. I don't know why. Collecting them and all types. And I still late for shit.
6- Exploring. Traveling and day trips always make me happy. There's always something new to see even in your own back yard.
7- Drag queens. In or out of drag always make me happy.
8- Art and music.
9- Men. I like two types, foreign and domestic. And men watching!!!
10- Day spas. Nothing. Like. It.

Again Debra thank-you so much for the honor of the award, and the fun of listing it. Now the Mistress must get ready to head downtown for some afternoon fun and dinner tonight! Have a wonderful weekend y'all! Tootles!


  1. So....if someone took you out for the day of sight seeing, then gave you flowers, some music and then you cooked dinner and then went to see go-go boys you would be very happy and you could be.....never mind!LOL

  2. Great list, Mistress Maddie! And I love the graphic you found for it!

  3. This list is sooo you! And the clock thing is so true! You wouldn't know you had a clock anywhere as much as you bitches are always late!

  4. Thats a great list, but didn't you forget the sex part?

  5. Interesting list of the things that make you happy. I hope your week-end is happy also.

  6. Travel and flowers makes me happy too! Great post Mistress!

  7. This post made me very happy! I always love the pictures you choose in your posts, and this one was particularly COOL! I will have to use it at my desk.

  8. Hmmm…. Beautiful post, Mistress. And I see men made your list!!! LOL!

  9. I def agree w/ many of these… Some of mine are the same. I see spirits wasn't there, LOL, I guess that goes without saying! Hope your enjoying your weekend!

  10. Love your list :) I too tend to like men-alot!

  11. Oh, these are some of the best answers! I love these little insights into your life. You seem like such a creative, positive person.

  12. That list really is so you! Hugs!!


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