Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Valentine's Day......with Pillow Talk

I hope everyone out there has a wonderful Valentine's Day! It seems like we just had it not long ago. I don't send out cards anymore since it's not really a big deal, but I do like these cute vintage cards from a site I found. And if you can believe it, the Boy-Toy and I don't have any major plans for the event. We never go to dinner on the day of Valentine's with all the common romantics. We go after the fact and after the crowds in the eateries. This isn't really a special thing thought, as we eat out alot. Later in the week we are going to dinner to one of our favorite places in New Hope, Marsha Browns. I can't wait. Here's the link for my friend Kailyn who loves the menus.

Every year we always try to out-do the other with a surprise of some kind. I have one for him tonight. I'm making one of his favorite deserts. It's called, boys on a platter! Just kidding y'all. But other years I did get creative. I try to change things up. One year I drew him a bath with tons of bubbles and then a nice massage. Another year I made him a romantic dinner and filled the house with flowers and cooked the dinner with just a apron on!!!

Another year he came home to find me tied to a chair and I can't even tell ya how hard that was to do, or where that went! And another time I made him go on a hunt around the house with notes directing him from note to note finally revealing his gift of hockey tickets to a Philadelphia Flyers game. My favorite was one night I lit a row of tea light candles down the hall in a straight line to the boudoir to where he found me, scantily clad, surrounded by more tea light candles in the shape of a heart with me in the middle! Talk about a boobie prize! And it was warm as hell! I'm beginning to think I have a thing for candles and being nude. I'm not always nude ,I swear!

There were also the gifts of flowers and candy, and we have even did weekend get-ways where we have been blind folded, and whisked away! In the past I even considered having "artistic" professional pictures of moi done, but I think I would be a wee bit nervous of someone I don't know. But whatever we do we always have a good time planning and executing our "gifts" What memorable Valentine's Day have you had in the past? Tootles! Have a Happy Valentine's Day y'all.


  1. Sure sounds like you enjoy this holiday, hope you have a great day and a great dinner later this week.

  2. Darling -

    You know I love you to death, but do you really think finding your naked ass lying in bed is a "present"??? Do you take exchanges/returns if he saves his receipt?!?

    Sorry, I'm single and bitter and fat ... what do you expect?!?

    Love ya!


  3. Mame- You crack my ass up! Well it was a risky thing to do drinking all that gin and then being near so much open flame!!!

  4. Coco de Mere2/14/2010

    And how is today different from every other day for you too? I do know you love to cook for him though. Nothing say lovin' like something from the oven!!!

  5. I agree with David, just once I would like a card from someone other than my gay boys! Not that I don't love them for it, but a straight guy would be nice. And you are naughty aren't you? But you always seem that way!!! Happy V day!

  6. Happy VD Day! Do you guys need a house boy?

  7. "Isn't It Romantic"

    Love your stories and your gifts. Inventive AND fun.


  8. Boy Toy2/14/2010

    All of those days were nice in their own way...

    ...but I LOVED the hockey tickets.

    Just kidding! ;)

  9. Anonymous2/15/2010

    My gracious, girl. You're making the rest of us look bad. You really like V-Day, don't you!

    Be careful with those candles, you may singe the peachfuzz off your bum!

  10. Mistress Maddie #1 Fan2/15/2010

    Sounds like some sext times there Mistress. What were you like when you were single?

  11. Good Gawd, if you are like that now, you must have been quite the minx back then!!! I dated a guy who once who made me a coffee table book of himself. Still have it too. Very HOT memories! I say go for it! You seem very comfortable with your body.

  12. It's great to keep the romance alive and sexy. I've gotten flowers, gifts, chocolate, and "attention" for Valentine's Day. Long ago. Good memories.

  13. I like to read menus, too. Good atmosphere and delicious food. I found many things there I'd like to order! What did you two have?


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