Monday, February 8, 2010

A Day in The City

I'm happy to report as you all have read from the Boy-Toy, we survived the winter blast we received over the weekend, and the Mistress is feeling much better deary's from my spill down the church steps, a freak blob sled accident and a near strangulation from the fur chubby I was wearing at the time! Maybe it isn't such a good idea to have so many stiffeners before heading out. Any who, I said last week I wanted to share some very neat windows I snapped pictures of last week on a day to the city for a fashion seminar. I will still post some of my work as well. We are just beginning to install our spring looks now. This is the time we are to start getting busy again, and it addition we are at my store location doing some small cosmetic design work and installing new designer shops. I very excited we are getting Diane Von Furstenberg, Vince, Nanette Lepore, one of my favorite designers and a new Armani Shop. This will entail alot of work as it starts a chain reaction of movement of a sales floor, new wall treatments and new fixtures. And I don't know how much will get done this week as we a slated to get stocked with another huge storm this week. Ah well. So here's some of the pictures. First we have the ever fabulous windows of Bergdorf Goodman. I always like their fashion and the props they use never relate, but they still always pull it off. And I just love the neon lighting outlines.

Now on to the Louis Vuitton windows. As a visual stylist one of the hardest thing to display, and creatively, is accessories and jewelry. This is one of my strengths at our store, so I very much appreciate these very creative windows with the product and use of the props. I just love the birdcages.

A very beautifully styled window at Chanel with over sized Chanel signature bottle.

And lastly, this eye catching window display at Barney's showing local artist's tee shirts. What a great thing to do for them. I did something very similar to this dress of photographs with butterflies once. Very time consuming. So their is a start to spring with more to come. Tootles.


  1. Sizzle, sizzle. I like the neon floor lamp. On my way to steal it now - just hope I can get it through airport security.

  2. Thanks for sharing the windows girl! And you know I am over this snow now. Good God, how much can we get?

  3. I think you have the best job and most fun! Love to see more of your work.

  4. I know you told me about the new looks for your store. I can't wait to see them. Bergdorf's alway does a good job don't they? I need to get to the city more, so much to see and I'm missing it.

  5. love the windows! Iagree about the Louis Vuitton window how creative is this? I so enjoy seeing what you can show us seeing that I don't get to New York offten.

  6. Wow! Beautiful! Clever! Creative!


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