Thursday, February 11, 2010

If You Had To .......

The Mistress and the Boy-Toy will often play the "What If You Had To" game while in bed some nights before going to sleep. It is always interesting to see what questions we will ask each other, and then hear the answers. We word it like this. If you had to, which would you choose? So I thought I would throw some out there. Now don't feel the need to answer all or any, but of course if you want to answer all be my guest.Be interesting to see some answers. If you had to, which would you chose? I answered mine with a star.

1- Free tickets to see Queen Latifah in a jazz club*, or Jennifer Hudson in concert?
2-Wake up in the body of Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie*?
3-Wake up in the body of Ashton Kutcher* or Brad Pitt?
4-overdress*, or under dress everyday?
5-Eat, for a whole week this item only, chocolate chip cookies, or chocolate ice cream*?
6-Nigthmares for a year, or real haunting for a year*?
7-Sleep with George W Bush, or Ann Coulter*? As I shutter to even ask.
8-Go on Price is Right*, or Jeopardy?
9-sleep with Jay Leno, or David Letterman*?
10-Hang with drag queen RuPaul*, or Varla Jean Merman?
11-Have a beach house in the Hampton's, or a beautiful bungalow in Spain*?
12-Be a Smurf*, or a Peanuts character?
13-Direct or porn, or star in one*?
14-Spend a day with Paris Hilton*, or Rachael Zoe? I shutter again to think of poor Bob.
15-Spend a week with Martha Stewart*, or Oprah Winfrey?
16-If you couldn't live in America any longer, if you had to, would you live in South America* or Europe?
17-Have a sex change* or end your life?
18-change your beauty*, or be thinner?
19-Sleep with Mel Gibson, or Tom Cruise*?
20-Go up in a hot air balloon*,or sky dive?
21-to give up the ability to ever hear music again, or the ability to ever read again*?
22-Be a land animal*,or a sea animal?
23-live a year with Lady Gaga*, or Madonna?
24-to have breathtaking beauty for the rest of your life, but spend a year in jail*, or be just plain looking and never be in jail?
25- be snowed in a cabin for two long weeks with Star Jones*,or Debbie Matenopoulos


  1. This is fun to play. Me and my gay boys play this from time to time also. I'm Queen Latifah all the way girl. And I'll wake up in Angelina's body any day!!! Bad girls always have more fun. I take the sex cahnge, live with Gaga,hang with Ru, run with Rachael and take Martha up on the week. God knows I need to be domesticated! Sooooooo sleeping with Ashton.

  2. ps. I SHOULD be directing gay porn!!!

  3. Reminds me of the Bud Light commercial! Fun game!

  4. Very fun!! I'm with you on almost all your answers.

  5. These are some tough choices and some impossible ones! Ugh!!!!

  6. I took the dare and posted my answers.
    That Paris Hilton thing scared me, as did sex with Gibson or Cruise or Bush or Coulter!!

  7. Oh what fun! I should play this with some of my friends. Well to answer a few Jennifer Hudson, definetly over dress, Brad Pitt, Varla Jean Merman, and eat the ice cream. I would have to give up reading, I enjoy music just too much. And the porn! Why I never!

  8. Oh, this is great! Well now I would have to be in the porn, otherwise nothing would get filmed!!! I would sleep with Tom, wake up in Angelina and Ashton bodies, it's the only way I would get to see his goods! Would love to live with Gaga. And I'd have to be a smurf...all those men smurfs!!!

  9. This is fun, you should do more of these! Some of my answers would be Jennifer Hudson tickets,would love the body of Angelina and Ashton. Refuse a choice to ann or George w. Yuck. I have to take the chocolate chip cookies and the nightmares. Ghost would scare the shit out of me. Couldn't give up music and I would love to live with Lady Gaga. Who wouldn't want to share clothes with her?

  10. Good times! I would want to star and direct in the porn, wake up in Ashton's body and in Jennifer's body go see Queen Latifha,and eat chocolate ice cream while having the nightmares. I would also hang with Paris and live with Lady Gaga while giving up the ablity to read and have long lasting beauty with jailtime. I'll brave the rapes. But I could not have sex with either George W Bush or that grade a cunt Ann or be trapped with Star or Debbie. Could I be trapped with them both? I could feed Debbie to Star!

  11. Mistress Maddie #1 FanFebruary 12, 2010 at 9:23 PM

    All my replies would be the same as yours except the Jennifer thing. I would have to wake up in Aninson's body Angelina is just a bitch. And I could direct someone in a porn!!!!!!!!!!! And I would also kill Paris with the damn voice!

  12. Believe it or not,all my anwsers were the same as yours! This is fun, we should do it again sometime

  13. The Aniston-Jolie argument is a nasty one in The Mistress's household.

    She clearly does not get that Aniston is America's Sweetheart for a reason, no matter how many mopey, whiny, frustrated girl-next-door movies she makes.

    Boy Toy,
    Clearly in the Aniston Camp

  14. I will have to share this at one of our dinner parties. What a ice breaker of the newbies.

  15. Great post! This could be a great game at a party. I couldn't give up my music. And I'm with Boy-Toy in the Jennifer camp. Angelina got her beat in the looks but she is just weird! I would be in the porn... a fanasty I guess.

  16. hmmm - to be hot and in jail? i doubt i would want to leave. :)


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