Tuesday, September 24, 2019


All hail the new queens of RuPauls Drag Race. 
We in the states will have to wait a while for season 12, as RuPaul takes her drag extravaganza to Britain for a British version, which is set to air in October on the BBC THREE. I sure wish we could view this one, because this will be old time, classic drag that I love, and most British queens are all about, instead of the same old fishy or cookie cutter drag. Feast your eyes on these bitches!

Baga Chips-London
Baga Chipz is a pub queen; tart with a heart; like someone’s auntie, she gives advice on how to pull fellas and how to get pissed. She's not one of those gorgeous, beautiful Kate Moss lookalike drag queens. Her style is more cabaret, old-school, sequin frocks, Shirley Bassey, Danny La Rue, Lily Savage kind of drag.

Blu Hydrangea-Belfast
Intellectual glamour will blossom on Drag Race UK thanks to Blu Hydrangea’s green or, multicolored thumb, as the 23-year-old describes her aesthetic as “a General Certificate of Secondary Education art project, high fashion from outer space, a cartoon character — with muppet realness. She is outside of the box. One day she may be a stunning queen, the next a pineapple perhaps.

Divina De Campo- West Yorkshire
Now the Mistress does adores Divina. The name alone I love, and her style of drag is simlair to my own. Though death drops are absolutely out of the question, expect old-school, diva-sized attitude and vocals from Divina De Campo, a self-described purveyor of the “sequin dress, big wig, big lash, and approximate face, YOU GO GIRL! The 35-year-old cites drag icon Divine as a guiding influence, as well as the dressings of opera and Italian aria. She also has a falsetto range as a live singer, so she’s sure to ace any singing challenges Drag Race UK throws her way.While she radiates star qualities of yesteryear, she doesn’t limit herself when it comes to performing. She once literally dove head-first into a rendition of guest judge Cheryl’s Calvin Harris-produced bop “Call My Name” with bloody good results.

Crystal - London
Crystal stands to join the ranks of Pearl, Jujubee, Raja, Katya, and more as the mononymous franchise legends who’ve earned their singular monikers through jaw-dropping looks and performative skills. But, the Canadian queen — who’s lived in Britain for the past 10 years — considers herself to be more of a “gender-bending” oddity than a straightforward showgirl

Sum Ting Wong-  Birmingham
I am sad to say I know very little of this queen, except she can sing and she has a hell of a funny drag name!!!

Cheryl Hole- Essex
With a name riffing on a popular singer, and self-described ace death drop and dancing abilities, the blonde-and-beautiful Cheryl Hole seems like the perfect fit for the franchise’s new crown. Everything’s got a bling, a touch of vajazzle, but a real girl at heart. She likes to play up the Essex stereotype and really incorporates that into her drag, who takes her Cheryl appreciation one step further as a member of the Girls Aloud parody group.

Gothy Kendoll- Leicester
A party girl like Courtney Act at heart but a glam-goth mistress like Sharon Needles on the surface, Gothy Kendoll puts on a show on her body and on the stage. Gothy's drag is dark, contemporary, striking and unique, and everything that is cool and fresh about drag right now. Personally she reminds me of a dark version of Blair St Clair.

Vinegar Strokes-London
A potent, comedic mix of “Tina Turner meets Lizzo meets Kat Slater, Vinegar Strokes is serving a pungent brand of hilarity realness — a brand she’s already worked on stages across the country, even performing alongside Drag Race judge Michelle Visage and season 6 winner Bianca Del Rio in the West End production of Everybody’s Talking About Jamie. She should be the life of the party.

Scaredy Kat-Wiltshire
The youngest queen of Drag Race UK, 20-year-old Scaredy Kat, is very pink, very cute, and very feline-esque, like a “nervous flamingo. She’s admittedly inexperienced compared to the other girls of the season, but she’s honed her own sense of style in her small town, where the only gay bar in operation was shut down before she could fully blossom as a young drag queen. Thus, the youngster turned to performing drag in internet videos posted, though she hopes the competition will help her improve her attitude on a worldwide stage. Miss Kat says her greatest strength is probably the fact that she's terrified of everything. I say she looks fierce.
The Vivienne- Liverpool
I saw this queen once when she came to the US. Vivienne's style is like a scouse wife who has come into money, she moved to L.A. and blew it all, and then had to move back to Liverpool. She's a comedy master, r who’s aced vocal impressions of celebrities from around the world. She likes to have a really fierce look, but completely  hilarious on stage, so she's kind of an old school and the new school put together. Vivienne also has past Drag Race experience, as she was previously crowned by RuPaul himself as the U.K. ambassador for RuPaul’s Drag Race, which essentially involved being a hype girl for the American series’ presence overseas.But her skills were apparently so strong that Ru brought her back for the competition. When it comes down to it,  she can sing, look good, and funny as fuck, and she's been known to drink a whole bottle of J√§germeister in 20 seconds flat, so there's a talent for you.

I wish we could view this here!!!!!!!


  1. Congrats to RuPaul for winning an Emmy for the show, too! What? A drag show wins a mainstream award? Yep! Aaaaannnnd, Billy Porter won for his role in "Pose." "OMG! What is this world coming to?" Pat Robertson and his uptight ilk must be asking as they plan new strategy for their talking points on how there's a war on Christianity. (Which they began immediately on Faux News' Ingram bitchfest, btw.)
    However, you could see the BBC show if you have a streaming device. Maybe...Sign up for BBC and then cancel when the show is done.

  2. But what?! We can't see? Not even in BBC America? This calls for a revolution!

  3. Best of luck to all of them!
    xoxoxoxoxox :-)

  4. I agree, you and Divina are cut from the same cloth. I think this sounds amazing. Finally a season of classic, old school, campy drag. I wish we could see it.

  5. I'm glad ru is doing one abroad. Between the regular series and All Stars they were coming to fast with seasons. Although I bet this will be entertaining they all look great.

  6. Never seen Drag Race, and I am not going to start now - but it will be interesting to see whether one of the Halfway 2 Heaven [my gay "local"] stalwarts Baga Chips gets very far, and how much more insufferable her ego will be if she does... Jx

    1. I wondered if you might have seen or knew of any of these queens. Many apparently also perform in Amsterdam

    2. Much Amsterdam drag is like Spanish drag - loads of really bad lip-synching and tons of attitude. Only occasionally are there a few highlights, such as the Drag Bingo we encountered... Jx

  7. And they all have such great names. I bet they will be all emtertaining.

  8. Drats. I bet this would be good too. And I see the Divina thing. I think she'd be my choice.

  9. We get BBC so I may be able to see this this. I've been addicted to this show, and the judges look more entertaining then the ones here. I also bet it will be way more proactive too.

  10. Like Jon, I've never seen Drag Race either, but unlike him, I might actually start now. Or in October, anyway.
    Plus, the Host's manager at work *loves* Drag Race, so we'll have something else to talk about!

  11. Personally speaking these queens look like drag. I think ru needs to hang drag race up. She only ever pulls from the high profile drag queens from their cities. And enough with the All Stars.

    1. Agreed. It was becoming a burn out of drag race, between the show and all stars.

  12. Devina and Cheryl and Gothy. Those are my pics.
    They all do have a clear aesthetic and bigger than big personalities, so I think it’ll be fun. Love the looks!


  13. I am looking forward to seeing this - thank you for the introductions!


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