Tuesday, June 4, 2019


I seldom do this, but when I sometimes read Bosguy's blog I really appreciate his post of the weekly happenings in his area of Boston. And since I have several friends coming to Philly this weekend, and actually received a few emails, and for those who may read and be visiting, here are some of the events this weekend. This June, like most US cities, Philadelphia will hold their 31st Annual Philly Pride Event in order to celebrate and honor the LGBTQ+ community, The celebrations will take place all week with various club events, to many to mention, but the major events will take place from June 6th -10th in Philadelphia’s gayhbourhood in Washington Square West. The LGBT Pride Parade and Festival takes place on Sunday, beginning in the heart of the Gayborhood at 13th and Locust at 11:00 am, proceeding along a 1.5 mile route through Center City and then continue  past Philadelphia’s historic district, right past the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, where the country got started.The parade this year will honor the 50 anniversary of the Stonewall riots, and will be the biggest festival and parade we've had yet. The parade  is an over-the-top display featuring live drag shows, vibrant floats, shirtless go-go dancers and marching bands. The parade terminates at the Festival location at the beautiful Great Plaza of Penn’s Landing. The festival will take place from 12:00 pm onwards and sometime in the night end with a huge dance party on the pier, and another huge dance party in the street at Woody's Nightclub, closing down 13th street between Walnut and Chestnut. The best news...this will be the first year ever, that ABC 6 will be televising the whole parade!!!! How cool is that! Here are just some of the major even.
Join the Mayor’s Office of LGBTQ Affairs as we celebrate Pride Month and the 50th anniversary of Stonewall with a City Hall flag raising ceremony and kickoff party on June 6th!  The official City of Philadelphia Pride flag raising will occur from 5-6 pm at the City Hall flag poles. Following the event, join us in LOVE Park for the first annual Pride in the Park, a huge party featuring food trucks, live performances, DJs, dancing, drag show and dedicated youth space!
This month, Bearlesque kicks off Pride weekend with your favorite performers, and some special guests, from their addition of Boylesque. Featuring performances from: Big Red, Beartrap,Turnpyke, Sinnamon, Abowla Dicks and Martine, with Boylesque performances from Dick Cox, Connor Cumming and your's truly the Mistress Borghese 
Doors open at 9 at Tabu, show at 10. Miss Ty will be serving up some strong cocktails while the performers strip down, and swing it all around and heat up your night
CALLING ALL DYKES AND ALLIES!!  ALL femmes, butches, andros, queers, studs, AGs, lesbians, tops, bottoms, tomboys, women of color, asexual dykes, bidykes, boidykes, pandykes, UHaulers, home Depoters, QPOC, and transgender, intersex, gender nonconforming, gender non-binary, and genderqueer dykes of all flavors, and all of those who love and support you...you get the idea: We mean YOU!  The Philly Dyke March is not a parade. It's a march, a protest, a movement. Pre-March Rally: Kicking it off at 1:00 PM at Kahn Park with some incredible performers to lead you into the March Step off and take to the damn streets promptly at 2:00 PM!  After The March: Return to Kahn Park, cool off with some water, and watch as Philly's Dyke performers rock the mic for the rest of the day!
On June 8th join the Mistress and friends as we  celebrate your PRIDE on the waterfront with one of the biggest events of the weekend...  FairyDust: Gay Pride Boat Party brings you the fabulously whimsical double dance party of your dreams  Last years boat party we saw 1300+ of our community come out and dance. We are looking to make this year even better!  Glitter, Wings and anything rainbow wear encouraged ๐Ÿงš๐Ÿป‍♂️๐Ÿงš๐Ÿฝ‍♀️  2 dance floors with 2 different sounds to have something for everyone  VIP *2 HOUR OPEN BAR* hosted by 2 of Philadelphia’s most fabulous,  with proceeds going towards William Way LGBT Community Center)  Incredible lighting will illuminate the boat.
June 9th, Philly Pride will join all other Pride organizations in celebrating "Stonewall 50" -- the 50th celebration of the Stonewall riots, which marked the beginning of the gay rights movement. The parade will kick off in the Gayborhood at 11am sharp and wind it's way through several streets, before heading down Market Street, through the historic Old City and end up in Penn's Landing. As the parade passes all are encouraged to walk with the parade to join as one at the Great Plaza.
The Thirsty Soul presents a very special event for Philly Gay Pride! On June 9th,
come to our brunch to celebrate the LGBT+ community of Philadelphia. Performances by some of the best & brightest Drag & Burlesque stars of Philly. And you’re invited! Showtimes are at 1:30 and 2:30 NO COVER!!!! 
Happy Pride!
Valanni and Philly's premier party promoter Alexander John come together to bring you the most fiercest Pride Pride After party ! Join us in commemorating 50 years since the Stonewall Riots !  Tea Dance from 4pm -8pm.DJ , go-go Dancers, Drink Specials, FANS ! Giveaways  Party inside and out on our patio  and featuring  very special Philly drag royalty.
For the more adventurous and voracious like myself, one may need to escape,  the Philadelphia Jacks have month long get togethers for the whole month!!!! Who doesn't love some luncheon meat girls?
In addition, most, if not all nightclubs and bars have special themes and drag shows or other events, some you may want to check individual bar websites. Now let's kick off this Pride with my favorite Pride song from our queen. For me Human Nature sums it up. "You tried to shove me back inside your narrow room And silence me with bitterness and lies."
This Pride.....Express yourself, don't repress yourself. 


  1. Have a liberty bell ringing good time!

  2. I think I left to soon!!!!!! Can I come back for a visit?

  3. Wait...did someone say dyke march and home depoter?!?!?!? LMAO!!!! Hey, I may be a lipstick, but My heels are kickass. I want in on this!!!

    That Human Nature song is actually a good choice, I used to love that song.

  4. Hell, I coming just for the Lunch Meat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. DAYUM, GURL! we got it goin' on in philly! it all looks like one hell of a festival!

  6. Thanks for this!!!! It will be helpful...and hopefully my friends and I can meet up with you somewhere. I'd love to see you in your boylesque garb... or out as the case be!!!!!!!!! I'll email you

  7. Have fun. Don’t over do the meat - it causes indigestion. And I should know.
    JP x

  8. Well, you posted one of my fav Madge vids!
    And I’d love, love love! To go to the Pride brunch. Bet it’s a blast. If Philly weren’t a little bit of a hike for me, I’d totally go.
    And what did you say about that lunch meat?


  9. Tis a busy busy Pride season! Have fun, work it all out!

  10. So many prices, so little time. I agree, we should all get out and be seen this year.

  11. So many label! One day people will be known as just people. For now, I'm jealous. Your month is so much more colorful than mine, so to speak! It's also longer. February makes me shiver, while June is full of happy glitter (all apologies to Don McClean).

  12. A whole lot of partying going on! Great celebrations! And a shout-out to the Philly Jacks - that was nice, too. Hugs!

  13. Lots of celebrating!:-)

  14. It all looks exciting until I got to the lunch meat ad and from that point on I went blank. Anyway I suspect you know how to have a good time lol!

  15. And the long weekend starts!


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