Monday, July 17, 2017


Here we are again, another weekend gone by all too quick. This summer is flying by much to quick you ask me. I can't believe it's early July already! Hope everybody had a good weekend. I joined friends up at the glorious little spigot of land in the Pocono Mountains at the Woods Campground for their annual Christmas In July Theme weekend, complete with 12 Days of Christmas Drag Show, a 14 site Shot Tour, where everyone would take a shot of a themed shot at sites located all over the campground, then we sang a verse of a carol, then do the shot, which was great fun to hear 200 drunken queens and lesbatyians sing out of tune and not all singing the same lines....oh dear. Of course there was also the usual relaxing poolside, lakeside and fireside. Everybody will be happy to know this year I didn't get to close to the bonfire, although my  gin infused breath did give it some life. Thanks to The Woods Campground and good friend Winfred for yet again, another lovely time hosting my drunken ass. Here are some of the photos captured this trip, with some VW campers that I would love to have one day.
I do believe this sign is perfect for a Monday, no?

One of the trails I went up and down a couple times. Very steep.
Let's all have a fabulous Monday


  1. So pretty.
    My parents had a VW Van when i was a kid and I was so looking forward to being 16 and able to drive it ... until my sister wrecked it and it was gone.
    Maybe I need to buy one now???

  2. those old VW hippie bus/campers; back to the 60s!

    the gin tanks are empty again at the casa...

  3. Great photos! Very happy you had a good time, and didn't get too close tot he fire this year!

    Love the nude guy on the dock to the lake. Yep. That alone would be reason to go to this place.

    Happy Monday! Hugs!

  4. I'm sittin' on the dock of the bay
    Watching the tide roll away
    Ooo, I'm just sittin' on the dock of the bay
    Wastin' time

  5. Where's the picture of your bare ass? Looks like a great time to me. I love the trail you went up. Steep indeed, but what a good work out.

  6. That sign tells exactly how I feel today....I don't know what way I'm going. I would love to check this place out sometime. I read some of the other post you did...sound I a blast.

  7. Great pictures.....but where is the naked shot from around the bonfire? Where's the weenie roast?

    1. Life is one big weenie roast for you isn't it?

  8. Mistress...can I have just some of your energy? Lovely nature picture, but if I even attempted to walk up that trail, just looking at gives me a heart attack. And that lake picture in stunning. Really captures the feel of the woods and summer.

  9. I've said it once and i'll say it again. monday can suck it!

  10. Haha! I love it THE SIGN!, My not much a outdoorsy typw, but must admit it always looks beautiful there. And who can complain seeing naked men around? Happy Monday dear!

  11. Those are beautiful images, cutie...Made my Monday morning a whole lot happier. I too love VW Vans..something so orgy about them......

  12. Good for you enjoying this time! Great pictures too. I can't wait to come back to the Woods this year for Illuminations and of course see you again. Maybe I even get the private lake tour this year!?!?

  13. Happy Monday! I have checked out the woods too and plan to tent it one weekend. Loved the trail, I could do trailing all day like that and see where it goes. Can I email you?

  14. Happy Monday. Seeing VW campers still out and about thrills me to no end. I'd probably never use one for its original purpose, but I like them anyway.


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