Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Holly Box-Springs is a charming ingénue with a dash of spice! Although a seven-year resident of New York City, this Queen has not forgotten her Southern roots...or manners. Growing up in Texas, she came out at the age of 14 with the full support of her family & friends. In fact, when she started doing drag after moving to New York, her parents became her biggest fans & supporters!
Hope Box-Springs made her drag debut at Paige Turner's "So You Think You Can Drag" a little over two years ago, where she was adopted by  the fabulous queen Chelsea Piers. Since then, she has become a full-time Queen, scooping up gigs wherever she goes. With sisters that include Tina Burner & Logan Hardcore, Queens known for their kindness - she has created an incredibly supportive nightlife family. And she is a hoot.


  1. With those big sunglasses, she looks like Lady Gaga!

  2. That last photo is so Marilyn!

  3. "Queens known for their kindness..." My kinds of queens!


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