Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Hannah Conda is originally from Perth, Western Australia, but she has now taken Sydney by storm working all over the city and at many of the venues on the iconic rainbow strip that is Oxford Street. Boasting a massive following in both Perth and Sydney, Australia, Hannah is a shining example to so many young people out there that hard work and a leap of faith can pay off massively! She has been doing drag for about 6 years and it has become a huge passion of her's and one can tell Hannah lives and breaths this amazing art form!! But Hannah had another crazy path that she thought she was going to follow... that of becoming a Priest!!!!!!! Hannah was very religious as a young boy and felt that the Catholic church was going to be her calling in life. But as you guessed....drag won out. Her best advice to people all over is to just to live each day as if it’s your last day. Live it to the fullest and allow yourself to experience everything that you can. Enjoy all that the world has to offer and allow yourself to be loved and to love.


  1. I think one would have to make a very huge commitment to do drag if one is going to do it right. Not only in creating a persona and rehearsing, but financially as well.

    Hugs, mistress!

    1. Your right whk. To do drag right and how one may want to do their style can be costly. With most queens working day jobs then entertaining into the nights it can be taxing after a time too. 10 years was enough for me. Luckily when I do a night now, I still have some of my drag closet at the ready. My hat is off to the queens who can still do drag for 20 or more years. It isn't easy. BuT FUN AS HELL!

  2. First off, I adore her name and her style I too enjoy. I can't help wonder was she channeling Eva Peron in the one photo?

  3. she is yet another stunner!


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