Tuesday, December 30, 2014


During the holiday season my town always comes alive. The beautiful homes along the streets will usually stay decorated till the New Year. Front doors in particular always fascinate me. Some have just doors, while others have columns, or narrow windows around the door, or in some cases ornate paneling. To me the front door alone gives the personality to the masters of the house, not to mention the way it's decorated. Here were some of my favorites in town this year, from the simple to the elegant, all of which I loved for some reason or other.
Fruit at the front door is always welcoming.......
My front door is a dark tan with wood branch wreath, with treatment of red and birds!!! Yikes! What does your door say about you???


  1. That's why I love Doylestown......no cookie cutter homes! Beautiful!!!!

  2. Our front door has a small magnet on it. It has a picture of the Tar Snoozle and says 'Warning. A very large Labrador lives here.'

  3. Anonymous12/30/2014

    So beautiful, no one really goes the hole hog here with wreaths et al apart from me - two on the gates, one on the storm door and one on the front door - that would say "I want it all'!

  4. Love front doors too! I don't know what it is.

  5. You can always tell a good gay bar by the fruit that's at the door.

  6. pix #2 looks like MY house (but it's not, of course)!


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