Tuesday, August 5, 2014


My all time favorite queen from Chicago is Sissy Spastik, hands down!
 She is sweet, friendly, and bitch can give high fashion, and one hell of a show. Sissy  is a six-year veteran in the drag game who believes there is more to drag culture than most folks understand. "Drag is an art and it takes a lot of time and effort to do,". "Like anything, you must have passion in this business." Her views on the public's attitude toward drag- "Drag culture has definitely influenced mainstream culture. Now I feel as though everyday women look at us queens for inspiration."Beneath the makeup, Sissy Spastik is Robert Brady, a 28-year-old makeup stylist who moved to Chicago from Michigan ten years ago, and was an only child from small a hick town in Michigan,with Big city dreams. On Sunday nights, Sissy co-hosts Boom Boom Room with  at Evil Olive in Wicker Park. Sissy is also a part of Neverland, a group that hosts a monthly costume-oriented party that attracts famous faces like Amanda Lepore and various contestants from RuPaul’s Drag Race. There’s also Twirl, a dance party Sissy hosts that happens one Thursday a month at Berlin Nightclub. I am really hoping she makes the next drag race!


  1. Fabulous queen, fabulous name!!!!!!!

  2. The drag names just keep getting better. She is quite flawless huh?

  3. Wow, I love the second picture of her! She looks like she would be very entertaining on drag race.


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