Monday, May 13, 2013

A Queen who Doesn't Shop?

WHAT!!!  Well lets not get crazy, the above statement probably isn't true altogether, as you all have seen the clothing and un-mentionables I own, thanks in part to Anita Moorecock. I feel like we have no secrets anymore since you have seen in my drawers!  Since I work for a high end retailer and it's attached to a huge mall, I can usually get my shopping done while at work so to speak. But I rarely shop the mall, and when I do, it's after work. Otherwise I only shop a couple times a year to get what I need. See, when you play in visual display, merchandising, and put fashion shows together,  one tires of and doesn't even think of shopping. Except for jeans, which I never seem to tire. Last week's trip was fun and we got most of the new shops open.
The John Varvatos Shop. Love me some John Varvatos.
The cosmetics was already done, but how opulent it looked.
Louis Vuitton
Love how this Kate Spade case line turned out.
Rachel Zoe
The new Lilly Pulitzer shop. God rest her soul. This was the main job.
The only regret was I didn't get to see any of the beautiful sites or men Boston had to offer, except for Logan Airport. But at least my hotel offered lovely toiletries, even thought I travel with my own,  and room service. And the bell hop was extraordinary friendly. Now you see why I don't shop all the time? I'm always around clothes. Tootles!


  1. Anonymous5/13/2013

    I know the feeling. I'm surrounded by hot weather, so dressing to the nines usually takes a back seat to dressing for comfort and practicality nine months out of the year.

  2. Stunning! I always assumed people in fashion and retail probably shopped all the time. But I shouldn't assume. I like Varvatos clothing also!

  3. I'll never live this one down huh? Anyhow what a fine job. You didn't bring any more underwear home did you?

  4. You didn't see any men!?! Is there more to the bell hop story? The store looks great and rich for my blood!

  5. Job well done as usual!!!! Looks so glittery! But I gay man who doesn't shop? Now don't make me slap you silly.

  6. Nice shops! Shame you didn't get to experience any of Boston, it has lots to offer. The city and the men!

  7. wow beautiful shop

  8. Well the Boston is superb for the shopping without any regret and loosing your money on quality-less stuffs.
    All others mentioned shops are also nice and have standard quality products.


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