Saturday, May 19, 2012

Portrait of a Queen

I thought I would share some of my favorite portraits of some of the most fabulous queens with you whilest I'm out today! The Lad is back from a month long trip to Florida, and we can't really spend all day in the house, well, we could, but how productive would that be? Plus it is so nice and beautiful out today.... so were off! These pictures are so amazing.

Miss Tammie Brown

Lady Bunny...and vinatge!

Nina Flowers

Ron Megee

Tyra Sanchez



Melinda Ryder

De De Deville


  1. Great shots Maddie. They are all lovely and I especially love the vintage shot of Lady Bunny ;)

  2. Leave it to you Mistress to bring such beauties to us! Love them all.

  3. I have to say it takes talent to be a man and look this good as queens!!! Tammie and the pic is cute! Tatianna has come a long way and I see her from time to time perform when a go to Town! She is amazing.

  4. Fabulous pictures! I do believe I could see you with Detox's hair color!

  5. Drag queens really do make life better!

  6. This is AWESOME!!;) I LOVE drag queens!!!!!!

  7. Good Gawd, the Bun Bun has come a long way!!!!

  8. I ADORE Tammie Brown!!!!!!!!!!!!


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