Saturday, October 29, 2011

Casa Went Dark!

Taken earlier when the power went out and stayed out for several hours, but now we're back in business! Thank God for my HUGE candle supply. It got eerie, I guess I was watching to many horror movies!


  1. Cool picture! I tried calling but you must have been sleeping.

  2. I agree! Spooky time of year for just candlelight.
    The Engineer and GB were supposed to be gone this weekend. TE had to stay home for work and us girls are glad!

  3. Anonymous10/29/2011

    I'm glad the power's back on. I still remember what happened when all of San Diego County went dark not too long ago. That was not fun!

  4. Anonymous10/29/2011

    The lights have been flickering over here in my neck of the concrete woods which is a problem because we didn't check the heaters (I mean, snow in October? We only check this thing come mid-November!) and all I have is the electric blanket.

    Nice shot of the pumpkin. Don't know if I'd react so calmly if I weren't forewarned. Happy . . . Hallow-Christmas, er something.

  5. Well it looks like you had a simply elegant candle lit time without light on anyhow. We in the Main Line are not ready for this cold weather yet.

  6. Ivan- well not much to do but sleep and have some gin!!! Wierd weather huh? And it was getting cold, I usually don't use my heat till mid to late november either!

    Adrien -I have been sleeping off and on!

  7. i must agree this is under the influence of 2much horror movies hehe bdw anyhu come thru my blog sometime n lets follow each other like twitter if ul like what u see


  8. eeek!
    Glad your power is back ON!
    Stay warm & cozzzy darling!
    Check under your bed...spooky~ EEEK!
    am i bad?!

  9. some nights are made for acoustic guitar and soft voices, drawn shades and candlelight. ;)

  10. this year Boudoir Privee is going for 'Prick or Treat'...

  11. It definitely looks spooky over there! A+ for ambiance!!!


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