Thursday, July 30, 2009

Slight Details and Random Events

A few weeks ago I received three other Eric Arvin books in the mail from the cutie himself. I enjoyed reading Subsurdity so much I ordered Slight Details and Random Events and Kidd Christmas meets Snow Globes. Eric even threw in there The Blackbeard Legacy for some extra reading. Well, the Mistress took the books on vacation two weeks ago when she went, and I'm happy to report two EXCELLENT reads! Slight Details & Random Events is a collection of short stories. Eric covers everything from college boy love, to mystical river sprites, to deep tragedy ,to some hot hunky sex comedy. My personal favorites were Honeysuckle Sycamore, the Painting, the whole Gordy series, and the Camera Phone scared the be-jesus out of me! The story Prometheus was also very hot and entertaining. What a brilliant book of short stories. I really like the way Eric writes and truly love his work. This was my first book of short stories I have read, but it almost feels novel, since many stories inter connect and there is a bit of every genre in their. From fantasy, some hot moments like the Gordy series, and some romance in the short stories of Cat and Gael. From the moment I started to read them I was hooked and I can now see where Eric's other works come from. I can't wait to see what he does next! Now Kidd Christmas Meets Snow Globes is a fun, sexy, and I'll say it, horny read! I was getting some tickles in my unmentionables! It is a cute animated read with some excellent illustrations!

See what I mean. This is the picture where the Kidd is trapped in a ice room of the evil Snow Globes. Why is the Mistress never trapped in a room in the winter with ice dildos? So if you like to read, Eric is a wonderful author and he even personally signed my books! How nice is that! Now go to Eric's wonderful blog,Daventry Blue, where you can order them. Like now would be good, Tootles!


  1. You are the sweetest thing in the world!

  2. Why am I shocked you have never been trapped in a room with evil ice dildos? I mean, really?

    I purchased Slight Details & Random Events recently, and plan to start in once I finish my current book, Rock Starlet by Stewart Lewis. I have to admit I bought it on your glowing recommendation of the cute one's work.

  3. Coco de Mere7/30/2009

    Mistress, you like to read, and if these books are that good you are highly recommending them I better get some of his work. They sound very good.

  4. Eric- It's all my pleasure! I believe in standing behind something I really like!

    Howard-I know. IT IS pretty shocking isn't it?

  5. Mistress Maddie, thanks for the review of Eric's books and the endorsement of his blog. I've been looking for some reading material and Eric's books definitely look interesting!

  6. Thanks for the recommend Mistress. I rememnber you said in another post once how you liked his work. I'll have to check him out. I love short stories.

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