Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Grande Dame of the Week

Harrisburg's pride and joy, the hilarious Miss Biscuit!

Miss Biscuit is a wonderfully entertaining queen who just happens to be from my hometown of Harrisburg ,Pennsylvania. On our trip recently to Harrisburg, Miss Biscuit WAS the gay pride parade. She looked spectacular with her red flame gown and entourage of boys. Miss Biscuit has been a fixture in town for quite some time now and is probably, I'd say one of two Grande Dames in the Burg. She always has a highly entertaining show, filled with wonderful numbers, lots of humor, and one hell of a good emcee. And she doesn't take herself seriously, she is there to have a good time like everyone else. And she does it all for the good. Biscuit is always in for any show that will benefit some kind of charity or to support other queens with their endeavors. It was a huge loss when Biscuit announced she was moving to Florida years ago. The drags threw her one hell of a good-bye show, and the Mistress parted with her favorite earrings as a good bye gift to her. But Biscuit came back to Harrisburg a couple years later and has remained ever since. And has she come a long way. What a beauty and a heart of gold! Harrisburg is lucky to have a diva like Biscuit! Biscuit can be seen in various shows around town and on Wednesdays at the 704 Strawberry Cafe for gay bingo night! We love ya girl!


  1. Every time I've ever been to StrawberryS with Vera, Miss Biscuit has been an absolute sweetheart.

    Although I've heard stories of how she can get after a bunch of tequila shots ... :)


  2. Miss Biscuit looks like quiet the roit! You guys sure do get around. I hope you guys "spread" some gay Pride up there! Biscuit looks like a hand full!

  3. Coco de Mere7/29/2009

    Loves the blue dress! I think I have heard of her from some queen before. Very pretty face!

  4. Yes, that is our Miss Biscuit. Quite a character and she does do a lot of good for charityl...I just heard she donates food the the local SPCA shelter, among other things. By the way, it is really too bad you didn't get a pic of her in the red "Strawberry" dress on the Strawberry Float. It was fabulous!!

  5. Mistress Maddie #1 Fan7/29/2009

    Miss Biscuit does look like a good time gal! I'm thinking you guys will have to take me to Harrisburg some time! I would love to meet her.


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