Friday, July 24, 2009

From the Candy Shop

The hot and adorable John Stamos!

Well, I don't think we need any introduction on who John Stamos is. He has always been one of the Mistress's favorite actors. You probably already know this hottie started on General Hospital and then went on to do the long running series Full House and now currently on ER. And he has done many stints in between all these gigs. But what you don't know is, is that if the Mistress wasn't already taken with the Boy-Toy, she would be with John Stamos! Just look at that body, that mischievous smile and the devilish eyes! And what a great sense of humor. You would have to have that to be with the Mistress! Maybe when were out in California next month, I'll walk about town with the Boy-Toy on one arm and John on the other. That should get the paparazzi talking!


  1. Just in case you never caught a glimpse of him in Cabaret a while back.
    or a picture:

    I share you appreciation of Mr Stamos...

  2. I love him!
    He is scrumpshadeliciuos.
    Thanks for that!

  3. He's gotten better looking with age.

  4. I have always thought John Stmaos was hot as hell. That smile could get him out of a lot of trouble I betting!


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