Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Few Favorite Things...

With the Mistress still making the society pages with her cohort, Mame...

Ok, I'm kidding.

But I was thinking about some of the things that the Mistress likes and about compromise, and about all the things you meet halfway on...and it inspired me a bit. Sure, the Mistress likes British things that I'll never understand: Adele, Dame Judy Dench, Keeping Up Appearances. And sure, we didn't know that the picture was Sophia Loren and Jane Mansfield when we posted it a few days ago. (Thanks, Joy and Michael!) And while I love watching a good drag show, I get really awkward about where to put the money. Oh, and fixing things - the Mistress loves to spackle, so she puts on her overalls, and she's damn good at it.

So, at the risk of being self-indulgent, here are my favorite things that mystify the Mistress.

Looking at Built Daddies
This guy isn't quite old enough. And a hint of a fuzzy belly might be ok, to go with the muscles. But you get the point. Hell, you aren't even reading anymore. :)

College Football
Up every fall Saturday at 10 a.m. for College Gameday with Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit

As the gay Jeffersons, there is no lawn here. But don't I wish. I'd mow every Saturday, right before College Gameday. Woof.

No explanation necessary.

Reality Television
Yeah, I know, not reality. Don't care. Paradise Hotel, Daisy of Love, Big Brother, Paris Hilton's My New BFF, The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, Strip Search, you name it. Pathetic.

So that's the list. Of course, there's always the one thing that brings us together.

How about you? Five things you like that no one else would understand why.
Boy Toy


  1. pond scum - one of the kids' biology teachers and I bonded over pond scum. I'd send him a beakerfull every school year.

  2. Okay, five things I love that no one understands (or a rare few ;-)

    1. I will start with the physical - calf muscles. Couldn't give a crap what you look like if you have nice strong legs - yum yum.

    2. Old black and white English films. Growing up in England I saw alot of these - totally addicted. If it's also a murder mystery I'm sold although I think my favourite is Brief Encounter.

    3. The way my dog smells. I know it's a little strange especially as everyone (mostly my mum) tells me she stinks. Don't care - I've had her since she was 8 weeks. She's my baby and just smelling her makes me happy!

    4. My bed. If I am at home alone you will always find me in my bed! Always been the same, I will do anything I possibly can in the bed. Drives the boyfriend nuts as he has to drag me out to hang out with him in other parts of the house!

    5. Dive Bars. I don't care where is the new 'spot' to hang out at - I want my dive bar!! It has to be dimly lit, full of cheap booze and people with character that don't judge and usually have great stories to tell!! This is my comfort zone - and in Atlanta there is plenty of them!!

  3. That guy in the photo is NOT old!!!

    Things I like that people (including Spouse) don't understand:
    1. Circus Peanuts
    2. Always being on time
    3. The difficulty and beauty of a cappella singing
    4. Movies involving time travel and/or alternate universes
    5. Browsing in Lowes and Home Depot

  4. Well, now no offense Boy-Toy, but I CAN NOT STAND reality tv! But now my five things would have to be
    1- Guys in thongs. Don't ask why.
    2-Groundhogs.There just adorable.
    3-Burnt pop corn.
    4-The smell of gasoline.
    5-A stiff drink and a nice clove cig. And one of my favorite things is the Mistress's blog also! Where is that diva at?

  5. Mistress Maddie #1 Fan7/14/2009

    Hmmmmmmm,a few of my favorite things would have to be-

    1- Chuck Palahniuk novels. Some of his stories are really warped.

    2- Seeing hot guys wearing sneakers with built legs. Major turn on.

    3-French fries loaded with Old Bay seasoning on them.

    4-Drag shows. The more over the top the better.

    5-Being submissive. Most of my friends tease me about this, but someone has to be! They can't understand why I enjoy this, but hey...

  6. Stephanie Michaels7/14/2009

    1-Jack Daniels


    3- Smokes

    4-Men and sex

    5- Wigs

    Fell free to arrange in any order, I'm not picky!

  7. 1. Spam - the other pink meat
    2. Running
    3. Grissel/fat from steak and pork.
    that is where all the flavor is.
    4. Watching sports on TV
    5. Tuna Casserole

  8. Wasn't going to respond because I didn't think I felt envy; but I was wrong. So here goes:
    1. I envy people whose families are close and they all get together for holidays, etc.
    2. I envy people in long-standing relationships. I could never make anything work.
    3. I envy people with determination for fitness. I am so fricking lazy that my gym membership is growing dust and my doctor is pissed at me.
    4. I envy people like my Kelly who are so independent and can do anything without worry of the negative consequences.
    4. I envy people who can have a dog. My landlord said NO.

    Anyway, by this I don't mean that I want those folks to NOT have; I just want it too. Is it asking for too much???

  9. Fun post! I'll give you a break for not knowing Sophia and Jayne 'cause you're so young and cute.

    I'll add my list but have to go to bed. I'm up way too late and am nodding off.

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