Thursday, September 25, 2008

Birthday Weekend

This weekend the Boy-Toy and myself will be celebrating his big birthday! Lets just say he won't be a chicken anymore. I have a few surprises for him and I would post about it, but I think prying eyes may view this blog,so I will post about it on Monday. I think were both ready for a cock-a-tail or 10 as the week just won't end and people are crazy this week. I'm writing it off to the planets in retrograde. I don't know if I believe in all the planets crap, but that's what I'm writing it off to. Annnywho,I think he will be pleasantly surprised with this weekend. We usually try to up each other of birthdays and Valentine's day ,so I hope I accomplished it this time. We will be Amy Winewarehouseing it this weekend. I already picked up the hooch. The Boy-Toy's poison of choice is good old Jack Daniels!

And my poison is a bottle of Tanqueray!

I just hope my Boy-Toy can keep up with me now that he is slightly older. Maybe I should take some applications with me for new chickens just in case,you know to file away,like a back up disk!! Just kidding Boy-Toy!!!!!


  1. Anonymous9/26/2008

    Is it wrong that just seeing the bottle of Jack got me all worked up?


  2. I know you better be giving him a little "somethin somethin" for his birthday Mistress!!!

  3. Beth- Girl, I'm the queen when it comes to the somethin,somethins. That deal is as good as sealed!

  4. Happy birthday to the Boy Toy! I used to be a Jack kind of girl but now I'm about gin. I'd ask you to share but I somehow don't think you'll be sharing. That just means I'll have to go out and get my own Bombay Sapphire to mark the occasion.


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