Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Incredible-Craig Russell!

I was on you tube a few days ago,and came across this video of Craig Russell that I forgot about and thought I would share it. Craig Russell was a Canadian female impersonator who performed all over Canada and the U.S. He did impersonations of Carol Channing,Mae West,Bette Davis,Judy Garland and many other greats. At one time he even worked for Mae West as her secretary for a short time before hitting the road with his show -stopping performances. This one, from the you tube amazes me how he performs as Judy Garland and then transforms into her daughter Liza,with one simple prop!! The great Craig Russell passed away in 1990 of a stroke in part from complications of AIDS. What a performance he gave!

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  1. Mistress- What a blast to see Craig Russell! As a older queen I saw his knock out show twice. Once in Provincetown and once in LA. He was an incredible performer and you would believe it was them performing. It's nice to see the younger queens keeping his memory alive. Thank-you for the segment!



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