Friday, September 5, 2008

From the Candyshop......

From the candy shop this week ...the mischievous Eddie Cibrian!! Eddie is one hot guy and I have been lusting after him for years now. That body,those eyes and specially that smile! So,I was over joyed when he joined the cast of Ugly Betty last spring. Eddie has modeled,been on various soaps,and starred in a hand full of feature films. Living out Loud featured him in nothing but white Calvins. Yummy. And in But,I'm a Cheerleader he played a gay boy in rehab for being gay. In one scene, he is using a rake to simulate masturbating himself!!! Now thats what I'm talking about. In my opinion he should be in a towel or nothing at all from here on out!!!


  1. oh the dimples! and he does look like an ornery one, doesn't he? ;) I bet he'd be a reallll bad boy!

  2. Maddie -

    You keep posting guys that I have had my eye on. Good choice!



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