Friday, November 22, 2019


In this weekly feature, I'll share with you all a weekly guest, and you tell me in only three words what comes to mind.

In three words...
Jonathan Winters
Just like Rodney Dangerfield and Jackie Gleason, Jonathan could make me laugh just by looking at him..because you knew something funny was coming....and his Tonight Show appearances were such gems. Here's one with our Happy Hour cock-a-tails!


  1. Wickedly Smart Comic

  2. Almost mildly funny.

  3. Sorry, going off the rails....

    Don't quote me, my memory fails, but this is my recollection: Was given a copy of his book, Winters' Tales many years ago. Short stories. One story had a boy that was trans and a sex worker in Vegas and found himself/herself blowing her grandfather. I threw the book across the room, then threw it out. Blechh.

  4. Hilariously quick witted

  5. Hilarious, quick-witted, mentor.

    Whenever I think of him, I think of Robin Williams; and vice versa.

  6. comedian, actor, author

  7. inspired improvisational comics

  8. Bun-Bun11/23/2019

    wildly inventive, hilarious!

    When he and Robin Williams would get together it was pure hilarity.

  9. Cap Chasen11/23/2019

    Amusing, side splitting, hysterical

    Jonathan Winters was the most gifted improviser of comedy show business has ever seen. His approach was completely unique and his delivery was impossible for anybody else to do. His comedy appeared to be intense and bordering on the crazy because Jon was, in his own words, "an active mental patient." And your right, his face alone could get chuckles

  10. Mad Mad World?

    I think he was in that, but I'm not sure.

    In other words, he's someone who is a mystery over here in the UK. Jx


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