Monday, February 23, 2015


I'll be honest, did not watch the whole Oscar's show last night, I mean Downton Abbey takes precedence over the awards first and fore most, but did catch airing before and after. Mahogany Empress wanted me to post my favorite moments and best dressed, but I don't really get into these shows. Must say though was pretty impressed with the Tinsel Town gang over all. This was definitely the year of the white and off white, and one can't go wrong with the classic design houses..... and my top three favorites of the night were......
Felicity Jones.....who arrived in a silver halter gown featuring an embellished bodice and full satin skirt from Alexander McQueen. I found it elegant, timeless, and lady like, but modern at the same time.
Julianne Moore looked elegant in a white Chanel gown. A nice vintage look while being age appropriate and yet modern. The 54-year-old actress, who was nominated and won for the Best Actress award for her work in Still Alice, completed the look with Chopard jewels. She sparkled.
French actress and singer Marion Cotillard kept it simple in a white floor length Christian Dior Couture gown. Can you say modern Audrey Hepburn? Chic and classy.
And did anyone else think Jennifer Lopez looked like a flesh colored Ursula the Sea Witch?
Also did anyone else find Melanie Griffith and daughter Dakota on the red carpet to have a weird, tension moment???? It felt very awkward to me.
It was also nice to see the Grand Budapest Hotel win a few awards.
Now, y'all for a completely entertaining, smart and snarky recap of the good, the bad and the downright ugly and all other coverage and going on's check out blog buddy Bob's Oscar Post later today over at I Should Be Laughing. You won't be disappointed.


  1. Darling Maddie,

    Without a television, both Downton and the Oscars have come and gone unnoticed whereas the Grand Budapest Hotel did get looked at on the silver screen. So, we are grateful for your updates.

    Yes, these ice maidens look eminently elegant, carefully coiffured, meticulously manicured and stylishly shod but, we have to confess, they hold little interest or intrigue for us. They lack the lustre of those golden Hollywood 'dames' who really did set the red carpet on fire, at least in our eyes.

    And, whilst on the topic of dress.....or lack of it in the case of JL.......we must make mention of your dashing wardrobe of a previous post. Effortlessly chic, casual with a touch of formality and worn so well. Perfect!

  2. Mistress, I couldn't agree more about Felicity. She definitely had my pock for best dressed. I though the over all show was better than it had been in years.

  3. Thank you Mistress!!!!! I couldn't agree more with your choices!!!!!! Felicity was downright stunning and so welcoming in her gown. The Melanie and Dakota moment did seem very awkward too I though, but then I can't really stand either of them. And Melanie's face??????? Jesus.

  4. I'll have to make sure to check Bobs later too!

  5. There were a lot of classically dressed ladies last evening. Downton Abbey did take a back seat for me, though.
    Got dragged to 50 Shades over the weekend - abysmal. Sorry to say it, but Melanie's daughter doesn't do much of an acting job. Overall the film was pretty bad.

  6. I absolutely loved the show last night, and thought it was the most entertaining in a long time. I too thought Julianne, Voilia, and Felicity looked incredible!!!!! And of course Neill Patrick did a wonderful job, as did Lady GaGa, you I generally can't stand. She may be flipping me.

  7. My two favorites were Felicity Jones and Rita Ora. Both looked so glamorous

  8. T & A don't HAVE to be on display to look elegant; take note and apply, lopez!

  9. JLo wore all that fabric and yet couldn't manage to keep The Girls covered?

  10. Loved Felicity Jones in Alexander McQueen!!


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