Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Ever Faithful Houseboys........

.....are here to remind, you if you would still like to send in pictures for our Tree Soiree, Thursday is the deadline. We would love to see your tree, tinsel, or any gaiety you would like to show us for a Grand Post on Saturday. We have had several swell submissions. Just send to

  Now in the meantime would you care for a Colt 45...........

A coke and a smile...........

or a nice set of fruitcakes?

These boys will be assisting me with the trim party....if you guys don't take them first*****


  1. to many delicious choices to choose from maybe I'll go with the fruitcake it looks yummy

  2. You know me. Ill always take a cock and a smile!

  3. That is a sweet pair of fruitcakes!

  4. I dated a guy once that nicknamed it Colt 45. It was such a disappointment.

  5. That fruitcake looks mighty nice, but so does the coke many decisions

  6. So many choices. Must I pick just one?

  7. Let me see how much of each I can stuff in my mouth all at once.


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