Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Lighting a Fire........

.......Cos' I had another date with Mr Fire Fighter! If you must know... I don't mind him getting a bit 'creepy' on this date! ...I really don't mind it at all...... blushing.....

I met the Mr. Fire Fighter this past summer at the Raven Resort and had one date which went very well. This past weekend we went for number date 2! I thought OK,...still single & so ready to mingle! So we went into Doylestown for the town's Holiday kick off weekend and dinner at the fabulous Honey. It was a good date, except he kept giving me facts about fire hose, and how there harder to handle than you think, the different sizes, what there made of and the proper way to hold them and use them.
It was all very interesting, but I thought, sister, I know about hoses, you preaching to the choir.


  1. Mistress I don't know how you do it!And won't he have a fit if he see how many candles you burn?

  2. Oui! I say creep is okay in this instance! Glad you had fun, fabulous you!

  3. If he looks anything like the above,crossing my fingers that he lights your fire =)

  4. i always thought it was all about the hydrant.

  5. What WAS he thinking?

  6. I'm thinking i'm missing something here and your talking in riddles so i'm going to take my toys and go play in the corner before I say something that will embarrass me. Have a wonderful day my darling.

  7. "Hoses?" she asked innocently. Hahahaha!

  8. Are you absolutely sure he wasn't talking in metaphor? Trying to hint he wanted you to handle his hose and he could figure out how to handle yours?

    1. No, I think the Mistress's mind is probaly in the gutter again! And she probably got to the hose by the end of the night anyhow!


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