Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Grande Dame

Carol Ann Carol Ann has been part of the drag world since 1998 and is proud to be know as The Bingo Queen of Pennsylvania. She joined the Philadelphia scene in 2010 and has loved every minute of it. She is also part of Brittany Lynn's Drag Mafia, the drag rival group to Mimi Imfurst's Dollhouse Revue right here in Philadelphia. Never at a loss for words, and always a fun show with her, Carol Ann Carol Ann is known for her quick whit and pretty lips. Philadelphians enjoy her weekly performances in the Lehigh Valley and Philadelphia as Carol-Ann does it all, cabaret singer, busybody and bingo queen. Carol Ann says the key to drag is to make a connection. “Don’t look at the floor. Look at the crowd. A lot of these guys have a theater performance background, so they don’t necessarily think to acknowledge the audience,” he says. “Even if you’re failing, they want to cheer for you — but you’ve got to let them in. And of course know your lyrics.” Carol Ann Carol Ann cut his drag teeth in the Lehigh Valley’s underground theater scene of the 1990s. His comedy troupe, The Enigma Players, would perform campy, semi-improvised sketches at the Stonewall, the Theatre Outlet, and other area venues — sometimes featuring “ultra-campy” drag characters. One of those characters was a nasal-voiced Midwestern housewife named Carol-Ann, with aspirations of Broadway stardom. Then in the fall of 2000, Carol Ann got a weekly gig hosting bingo night in an area bar. He brought back his housewife character, and “Carol-Ann’s Bingo-Rama” was born. Carol Ann Carol Ann can be seen weekly at Tavern on Comac for the Faggot Feud Game Show and at Icandy at the Ascension Club. As you can see below, like the Mistress, she is also fond of her boys! Rumors of her drinking problem are greatly exaggerated.

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  1. Oh good ole Carol Ann Carol Ann! She is a trip!


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