Thursday, October 18, 2012

Grande Dame

Crazy, cooky, mysterious, and yes, sometimes spooky, the ever-entertaining Nina West welcomes you to her world.Nina West is a drag performer and comedian from Columbus, Ohio. Nina West is the mind behind such brilliant large-scale productions that include NINA! The Musical, NINA! The Confections Tour, Nina! Heels of Horror, Nina! Attention Whore, Heels of Horror: Deadtime Stories, Heels of Horror: Scared Stiff, Heels of Horror: A Nightmare on High Street, and Once Upon a Nina. She has also worked in tandem with Virginia West, a drag friend, who has worked on productions with Nina. Nina West is also co-founder of Project: Zero Ohio, with friends Randy Sharma, M.D., and Steven Weaver, owner of the Candle Lab. By customizing high-quality local products and a planned series of charity events, the organization hopes to not only raise funds for local HIV/AIDS resources, but also reward donors with unique home products. All proceeds will be donated to community HIV/AIDS resources. West’s charity work has helped to raise over $300,000 for local and national organizations. West has served as hostess of HIGHBALL Halloween, the city’s annual Halloween party, held in the Short North on High Street. She will serve as hostess again this year, celebrating 5 years with the event and commemorating the city’s 200th anniversary. Her style has been called camp, comedy, performance art, and political pop among other things. Whatever you choose to call it, know that you have never seen anything like Nina West.


  1. I adore Nina, her shows are very entertaing!

  2. Nina show Heels of Horror is so funny! Good choice this week!


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