Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Boss, the Mistress

I must say it has been quite interesting being the friend and social director of the Mistress. And it isn't always easy, she can be a hand full. In the time I have know the Mistress she has drank at least 3 oil tankers of gin, taken enough Valium to keep the population of China comatose for at least a decade and "romanced" 35 of my friends!


She tries to be normal but it hasn't happened. But we love the Mistress of the Casa anyhow.


  1. Inresting. But who wants to be normal?

  2. Suffice it to say: The Mistress surely animates -certainly like no other! ...similar to a radiant prism of the swinging chandelier!

    God Save The Mistress!!! ;{>

  3. and she has been known to swing from the chandeliers too!

  4. Oh that's our Mistress. She makes Karen Walker look sober.

    1. Was discussing this post with Maddie. We like to think that Karen Walker is our role model. We are impressed that we may have surpassed her.

  5. Anonymous8/05/2012

    Now who else does this post remind me of? Hmm..!

  6. Anonymous8/06/2012

    Yeah. Why be normal?


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