Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Watching Seattle’s own Jinkx Monsoon compete on — and eventually win on RuPaul’s Drag Race was a major highlight to Seattle's  year. And now, they get to bust out their hometown pride once again, because Jinkx's good friend the “terminally delightful” Ben De La Creme is on-deck for Season 6! Ben is kooky, funny and terminally optimistic. This vintage pin-up queen brings an excess of character —and she’s a dead ringer for Michelle Visage. BenDeLaCreme is saucy,  and has quick wit from her sexy engagement as the in-house emcee at the award-winning Can Can Cabaret in the Pike Place Market.   From the terrifying Candiru fish to a shared love of Animal from The Muppet Show, Ben is a colorful queen. When asked about her first job? Before I became a show pony I served donuts in a divey coffee shop. Ultimately that might have been a more solid career path. And how would she describe yourself? Oh, I wouldn’t… all that flattery would be so embarrassing! Ben has some great style and drag looks and can be seen in many of his own shows he produces, in and around the Seattle area.


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