Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Australian Grande Dame

Internationally renowned Philmah Bocks is one of Australia’s most unique Drag Queens. With her formative years in Adelaide, South Australia behind her, the world is now her stage. Now based in Melbourne, Victoria, Philmah’s reputation has grown across this wide brown land and escaping across the seas and has many years performing drag under her griddle. She’s got a wardrobe bursting with fabulous frocks and a repertoire of spectacular musical numbers. Miss Bocks is quite simply, contemporary drag at its finest. Her salacious, savvy style is sure to beguile and enchant her guests for an event they’ll never forget. A naturally gifted and entertaining hostess, Miss Philmah Bocks will add a wonderfully vibrant and comical spin to your special occasion. From the initial meeting and greeting of your guests to comparing the entire evening, as mistress of ceremonies, she will ensure everything runs like clockwork. Just sit back and enjoy the show! And Plimah's style is quite something. She creates, and sells the Phoamy wigs upon her head, and crafts them herself. Pilmah is quickly becoming one of my favorite queens. Be sure to check out her site, Lashes and Lipstick!


  1. She is beauitful! Love those head pieces!

  2. I have never heard of her, but love the look she has!

  3. Fabulous Fabulous Fabulous!!!!!!!!

  4. Mistress, Philmah is just fabulous, Je t'adore

  5. Love her fabulous look! I wonder how much those wigs go for? I have seen her clips on you tube.

    1. Miriam, check her website, she sells them. They run from $200-500!

  6. Bravo to Miss Philmah ! She killed these looks!


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