Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Message From The Mistress

Hello everyone! It's Mame here - better know to most of you as David Dust. Mistress Maddie wanted to let everyone know that she is alive and well, she's simply having some testicle technical difficulties with her computer. Which is what happens when one spills a bottle of one's best gin onto one's keyboard {{you didn't hear that from me}}.

The Mistress and/or myself will be back soon with more updates!



  1. good gracious! Wonder what is worse? Gin or latte?

  2. Oh no! What a tragic waste of gin! Hope you're back online soon, Mistress.

  3. MUST have been domestic gin.

  4. Anonymous11/19/2010

    Hey Girlene. Long time no chat. Still digging out a bit from the long haul move from ATL to NYC. Searching for a new job and trying to still remain relevant through it all.

    This week, the planets must all be in retrograde because I've had serious computer issues too! I finally had to wipe my computer clean and reinstall a new operating system. (Damn Apple gods make you a slave to their wares!)

  5. After recently dealing with my own computer problems, I feel her pain! Miss you, Maddie! Scurry back! xoxoxoxox

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! I'm so glad I know you and hope you have a wonderful year! Hugs!! xoxoxoxoxxo

  7. Anonymous12/01/2010

    Are you back yet, girl? Did that gin dry off your computer yet?

    Get back soon...we MISS you!

  8. Anonymous12/08/2010

    Girl, are you back online yet? I miss your jabbing prose. Send a shout out when your lip gloss is selected.


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