Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Love Being in Bed!

While I'm not in New York City contrary to popular belief, here in Bucks County it was much the same scene. I swear their is nothing like a rainy fall morning to make you want to stay in bed. Today was even worst than a Monday morning!!! I should have stayed in bed this morning. I knew when I got up that I should go back to bed. I drank my morning orange juice and I did a bit of thinking, but the comfy pillows and sheets of my sanctuary were screaming my name. Begging me to come back and warm them some more. However, I stayed awake and got my little body ready for work, after all, their are those little pesky things called bills! And it just poured all day! Here some of the rainy but beautiful scenes! It was raining when I left........

...and it was still raining on my drive home.

After I got home I quickly got changed like a little kid to take Buster Bolfig for his evening walk. Why he won't walk under a umbrella I'll never know. Upon getting back in he was soaked, but I think he does this on purpose as he loves a good towel rub down!

And now your going to have to excuse moi, as I enjoy my candles, a warm blanet, and wine! Tootles!


  1. I think Buster Bolfig needs a cute see-through sexy rain coat, no?
    Lovely evening darling!


  2. I'm with you.... well, you bed...never mind! I like it in bed, I mean being in bed! And I love the pictures!

  3. That last picture makes me wanna curl up in bed right now!

  4. I missed your birthday! Hope it was wonderful and that you and the Boy-Toy celebrated in style! Happy Birthday, my friend! xoxoxoxoxox

  5. I love a rainy day in bed, with a book, a dog,& a cocktail. Move over, baby...make room for daddy.

  6. Maddie...I just LOVE me some Buster! he is so cute and so spoiled too, I bet. ;)

    and I just went through your Halloween pics...a little alte, yes...SORRY! But I have to say...YOU LOOKED MAHVALUS!!!!!!! work it girl!!!

    I love ya Maddie! XOXOXO

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