Friday, October 24, 2014


One knows that simply dressing up a few hot male models in Halloween costumes would be a waste of the amazing space that Frontier Magazine is  given, so who better to embody the Halloween spirit than five lovely men for their cover, who themselves dabble in the art of gender illusion? 'Dabble' is of course a joke, as these five queens are some of L.A.'s most talented performers— Kelly Mantle, Detox, Willam, Rhea Litré and Vicky Vox. This is what a drag queen may do for Halloween!!!!!!
The concept was simple— each queen was asked to portray a different Halloween vixen—the sultry vamp, the mummy, the Bride of Frankenstein, the witch and the werewolf. The resultling photo shoot was one for the Frontiers record books.
Detox- Bride of Frankenstein
Kelly Mantle- the sultry vamp
Willam Bellini- the mummy
Rhea Litré - the witch
Vicki Vox-the werewolf
And if these girls show up at your door Halloween night, just give some some baubles instead of candy.


  1. I will hand them baubles and whole damn candy bowl! Scary!
    (**) <--- boo!

  2. yikes almighty; I second TDM!

  3. Rather minds me of the Mistress and boys after a night of heavy drinking.

  4. I'd say Detox nailed the Bride of Frankenstein!

  5. Willam makes a rather impressive mummy!

  6. That was an amazing shoot! Yay to the LA queens!!! You go girls!

  7. Love the tombstone. Poor Toto. They all look truly fabulous!


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