Thursday, July 26, 2012

Grande Dame

Jaylene Tyme is an artist in all aspects. She is a make-up artist and drag personality, who hails from Vancouver, British Colombia. Jaylene spent so many years not fitting in any where and she feels that her expression with the art of drag allows herself to really be herself! She used to hate that she was built so feminine, now doing drag she is glad because it makes her art more convincing. Miss Tyme just finished her reign as Empress XXXV of Vancouver,BC. representing a non-profit society raising funds and awareness in support of Vancouver's LGTB community,where she was proud to announce that she has been elected 1st Vice President of the International Court Council, and she can have the opportunity to continue representing the LGBT community and contribute to some really important issues. Meeting new and expressive like-minded individuals keeps her inspired and loves to champion people's accomplishments, and feels that when we support each other, everyone wins! And well, that is Jaylene Tyme's "two bits" Isn't she just fabulous?


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