Thursday, June 30, 2016


If you watch Drag Race then you may remember Mackenzie Claude.
 Who Mistress??? First introduced to the world on Season 5 of RuPaul's Drag Race as the sister of drag star Alaska in a challenge to make over a guy in your image, Nebraska Thunderfuck was born, and now has re-awoken to take the drag scene by storm. Now escaping Alaska's shadow and becoming a fully fledged queen in her own right, is the world ready for Nebraska to take center stage? Nebraska, who lives and performs in Las Vegas with his partners, yes, partners, Derrick Barry, another drag queen and artist, Nick San Pedro, is someone I've had an interest in since her resurfacing some time last year. She constantly grows as a performer; polishing her act for her growing fan base and evolving as a stunning queen. This up and coming performer may even surprise you.....Mackenzie was also in the military for six years as a Navy Medic for the Marines!!! Take a look at him now hunty's.......


  1. I may have find a performance - - Perhaps I can add to my list of favorite drag performers in town. Oh, my!

  2. I remember that show well. HOLE MOLY He looks incredible!!!!!! How funny would it be if he came back as a contestant?!? That'd be a first.

  3. I must say, as a straight guy, he is turning me on! As a very Pamela Anderson look. Gorgeous.

  4. In or out of drag, he's gorgeous!!!
    A Navy Medic, huh? Wow!

  5. Stunning!!!! And how does one not love that name.


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