Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Rhea Litre: Either you love Rhea or you hate her and in my case I can't get enough of her.Everywhere I turn on social media, Rhea is there...on almost everyone's pages in selfies and whatnot and she has a huge following already.  Rhea is an American singer and drag queen, and is a fixture in West Hollywood nightlife. After graduating from high school, Rhea moved to Los Angeles to audition for the second season of American Idol. He first performed in drag at Oasis Nightclub's Drag Idol in 2004 and Rhea came to us from her drag mothers,  Raja and Mayhem Miller. Litré was a member of the band Tranzkuntinental, which made its debut at The Roxy in 2009. The band was started by Charlie Paulson and Xander Smith and featured drag queens Willam Belli, Detox Icunt, Kelly Mantle, and Vicky Vox. In 2012, Willam Belli and Rhea Litré released "Let's Have a Kai Kai." The song parodied "Let's Have a Kiki" by the Scissor Sisters. In 2013, Litré walked the Marco Marco runway for Los Angeles Fashion Week. If your in West Hollywood check out drag baddest bitch!
Did I forget to mention how smoldering hot he is as a guy?


  1. Holy crap - two for the price of one!
    I'll be the first one to admit it - - I LOVE Rhea!!

  2. Well let me just say Im very familiar with with Rhea out of drag!!!!! She really is the fixture of Weho.

  3. HOLY SMOKES!!!!! Stunning either way!

  4. Every time were around Rhea were glad we are flu vaccinated for this


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