Sunday, July 19, 2015


"If you can pull yourself away from Grindr for two seconds..."
Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 from the planet Glamtron invaded our TV screens two years ago and now she's BECOMING of the biggest drag stars on the planet. Following the iconic singles 'Ru Girl' and 'Your Makeup Is Terrible', Alaska is finally released her debut album Anus, and it's time to get the party started. Kicking off this new album is the single 'Hieeee', a spin off her trademarked catchphrase.  And how true the song is!!!! The entire song is about the proper etiquette when meeting the queens like turning on your flash. It's a laundry list of the most random things, but then we don't even get her signature"hieeee" until almost the end. 
The video follows Alaska on the Battle of the Seasons tour with her fellow squirrel friends and drag queens, Adore Delano,Bianca Del Rio,Detox,Ivy Winters,Jinkx Monsoon and ex, Sharon Needless. It's so much fun to see the girls eating pizza, drinking, playing games, and just getting up to some naughty fun. Alaska continually impresses me, and I have to say that she is officially one of my favorite queens.


  1. This song is all over the bar and clubs here. And I have to admit, some of these alumni of drag race, there videos are even better quality than Ru herself.

  2. Well Alaska is certainly hotter than the state she's named after, I'll give her that!

    Do drag queens ever decide to take hormones and get boobs and become shemales? I wonder what shemales and drag queens think of each other. I hope they're on friendly terms!

    1. As far as I know, drag and she males get along just fine. The only issue is here in the states, when it comes to pageant queens, there are two divisions. The Miss Gay USof A, where the queens have had plastic surgery, boobs implants and facial enhancements, where in the Miss Gay of America, they are your all natural drag queens. Some say the America pageant queens are more talented, as they achieve the same beauty with make up , which takes more talent. I have more respect for them. To have plastic surgery and boobs enhancements is just cheating to me. Then what happens if you drop out of the scene? Although, I think some of them transition to females completely.

  3. "I swear its like pulling teeth to get a little tiny compliment out of you people!" - My favourite line after Alaska has practically forced everyone to say she's gorgeous, sexy, sensual and breathtaking. Brilliant!

  4. Drag queens, alcohol, and pizza... what could get any better than that?

  5. 'Ill see you there.....and bring a sweater" HA LOVE IT!

  6. That what oddly fantastic... and just a bit catchy. She is going on to do a lot of things like Willam

  7. 'The more you drink, the better we look" I have been told that before

  8. this might surprise you, but i adore miss tf.


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