Friday, July 10, 2015


And none to soon!!!!
I would be a terrible host, if I didn't apologize for being sparse this week, but after my guest from last weekend left, one of my suitors from Denver announced he'd be in town Tuesday for the whole week!!! He is famous for these last minute announcements. I have mentioned he used to be a chemical engineer, but now does film location research and fact checking for a Hollywood studio. He always squires me out when in town, so there have been many a late night this week. And he often foots every bill, and never lets me pick up the check.I told him would you please let me treat at least once? When he buys the dinner, it means I have to have sex, which then would make me a prostitute!!!  When Ms.Moorecock found out he also has two other homes...her reply..."Marry him mum, the minute he asks you!" Tomorrow will be spent at my ever faithful playground with him at the Raven Resort...with cock-a-tails of course.


  1. "...with cock-a-tails of course."

    Of course! Happy weekend!

    ::wink wink::

  2. it would NOT be the weekend without a cock-a-tail (or 12)!

  3. "Marry him mum, the minute he asks you!" is right!!!!!!!! You probably don't even know his name?

    1. " of course I do....we're about to go to dinner with Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside!"

  4. I SO need to follow you around and see how you juggle three guys. Cheers to a great weekend!!!

  5. I love these Friday cocktail graphics! Now what to start with? Sounds like your hands have been full.

  6. Save some guys for us other single gals😉 And have a fabulous weekend.

  7. Once an engineer always an engineer!

  8. Juggling is a lost art. Glad you can pull this off! ;-)


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