Friday, August 29, 2008

From The Candyshop....

Rusty Joiner! I have always found Rusty cute,adorable and HOT all at the same time,wrapped up like one Christmas gift pack.Why I haven't received him yet I'm unsure. I would definitely"receive"him. I'm such a pig! Anywho,Rusty is a all American boy from the south and became a model. His big break was with the now defunct company,Structure,where he was what else,their spokes model for their underwear line. Since then,he went on to model with various fashion companies,filmed a couple of fitness videos,and a couple of feature films. Unfortunately,not that kind,but we can always hope.Enjoy these pictures of the sumptuous,hot and tasty Rusty. Doesn't he just melt in your mouth?


  1. Anonymous8/30/2008

    Oh,hon,I acn tell I'm going to love the pictures .......

  2. If this is the candyshop, I am coming up with my credit card, babe. Holy Schmoly, I'd like to take care of Rusty until he sticks to my mouth, not my hands.

  3. If your not to naughty Howard,maybe you can have some free samples!

  4. He is so, SO HOT!

    Mark :-)


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