Sunday, March 26, 2017


Whilst I'm still away for the weekend, in the Catskills, catskilling, I had finally got around to posting this little ditty I saw over at Anne Marie's joint lying around. If your life were a movie, what would the soundtrack be for parts of the movie. you can see, it was a taxing time going through all the vinyl's, But here is what I came up with. Actually, I do have a soundtrack that plays in my head for different things happening, so this wasn't to far off.

Opening Credits:
It's Gonna Be A Lovely Day- Soul System  

Waking Up Scene:
Black Coffee- Julie London 

Car Driving Scene:
Last Night-Stephane Pompougnac   

High School Flashback Scene:
Look At Me- Geri Halliwell   

Nostalgic Scene:
You Know I'm No Good-Amy Winehouse  

Steamy Love Scene:
Justify My Love-Madonna   

Beach Scene:
The Boys of Summer- Don Henley   

Bitter Angry Scene:
You Don't Own Me- Leslie Gore   

Breakup Scene
The Man That Got Away-Judy Garland
Regret Scene
Love Is a Losing Game-Amy Winehouse  

Nightclub/Bar Scene:
Diva's To The Dancefloor- EG Fullalove   

Fight/Action Scene:
Strict Machine-Goldfrapp  

Saturday Morning/Cleaning the House Scene:
Back to My Roots- RuPaul

Lawn Mowing Scene:
Four Seasons- Vivaldi
Couldn't resist a snap from last summer of me mowing the lawn at the Casa....

Sad Breakdown Scene:
Hard Candied Christmas- Dolly Parton   

Happy Friend Scene:
Don't Get Me Wrong- The Pretenders   

Dreaming About That Special Someone Scene:
I've Got A Crush on You- Julie London 

Contemplation Scene:
I Have A Dream- ABBA   

Chase Scene:
We Like to Party- Vengaboys  

Happy Holding Hands Walking Through the Park Love Scene:
Hold My Hand- Jess Glynne
Death Scene:
O Fortuna ~ Carmina Burana-Carl Ortt  

Funeral Scene:
Take A Bow-Madonna  

Closing Credits:
One Man (Ain't Quite Enough)-Pearl Bailey

If any of you take this and run with it, I'll look forward to reading it!!!


  1. OH MY GOD! I LOVED THIS!!!!! What great choices, sound like you to a T! But my favorite is Look at Me!!! I love that song. And how perfect for you since you came out in high school.

    Looooooooooook at me
    You can take it all because this face is free
    Maybe next time use your eyes and looooooook at me
    I'm a drama queen if that's your thing baby
    I can even do reality

    Fake money, real plastic
    Stupid cupid, fantastic
    Queer thinking, gay talking
    What you see ain't what you are getting
    Fast loving, slow moving
    No rhythm, but I'm grooving
    Old feeling, new beginning
    Superficial expectations............

    Yes baby!!!!

  2. great choices.....but i still say you mow the lawn to understated.

  3. Ha! I enjoyed that! Gives more insight into the personality. Some nice sections with some obscure title too. Nice to see a classical and opera too! Very well rounded Mistress.

  4. This would make a hellva of a movie. Would it be rated pg13, R or X?

    1. oh mos def X, honey. for the steamy love scene alone!

    2. More like an instructional video.

  5. I too love this!!! I absolutely love the lounge works of Stephane Pompougnac. Huge fan here. What a great choice for your funeral song. Take A Bow. Fun to read this.

  6. you are all over the map, dear. I have never heard several of these. thanks for playing along!

  7. Steamy Love Scene:

    Justify My Love-Madonna

    Yep. a x rated movie for sure.

    1. Auditions start next week I hear, lol!!!

    2. The casting couch will open Friday.

  8. This is excellent... and obviously took a lot of thought. I'll just be impressed with your work (which means you won't be getting one from me).

  9. What a creative thing to do. I would really have to give this some thought. I adore to see some Judy, Pearl Bailey and Julie London here.....and I know you adored Amy Winehouse....but no Rehab?

  10. Great selections...Bitter Angry Scene, Breakup Scene, and of course Steamy Love Scene. The movie rating has definitely got to be X-rated. You must tease us all with at least the trailer while we wait for the movie premiere.

  11. You've put a lot of thought into these choices. Hilarious and brilliant!

  12. I think my list would be a mixture of music, but a lot of it would consist of classical and opera. And if only more would mow the lawn like you.

  13. I am actually shocked your whole list wasn't all Madonna and Amy Winehouse!!!!!!!!

  14. Wanting, needing, waiting, still waiting For you to justify my love Mistress!!!

    That has to be undeniably the steamiest song ever.

    Boys of Summer...a good one too.

  15. What a great list! Fun, nostalgic, elegant and full of energy, and drama. What is really interesting, and from last week's post of your answers from your reader, most of these songs scream independence.

  16. Watch your step.

    It looks like the Corgis are trying to corral you.

  17. It's Gonna Be A Lovely Day- Soul System . If that song doesn't start ones day out in a good upbeat day, I don't know what will. Enjoyed the list, great choices.

  18. Great list. If I had to pick a overall song for my life soundtrack it would be Lupe Fiasco - The Show goes on.

  19. You've got me worried. At what point do you "Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair"?
    Don't answer that.

    1. Should I act it out with shadow puppets?

  20. I may have to do this just for the heck of it. I do know though that Drive by R.E.M. would be my driving theme and Knockin' On Heaven's Door would be my death scene. When does your movie come out?

  21. Please, I think my whole list would be all ABBA songs. Your morning song of Black Coffee....good choice.

  22. Love your song sound tracts. One Man (Ain't Quite Enough) by Pearl Bailey. I was impressed to see one of her songs... and how fitting for you. Now to see what the movie would hold.

  23. Lovely list....and Judy Garlands version of the Man That got Away is mu favorite. But in your case, was that even possible?

  24. What's surprised me is , is that the entire list isn't Madonna's Erotica album. It would make sense the movie would be titled Sex.

    1. You do know I'm more than just a pretty face.

  25. Holy crap, that's a long list. I love the music selection on yours.

  26. Carmina Burana? You must be expecting a dramatic death scene, Mistress!

    1. I plan to fling myself off a cliff in full John Galliano regalia when my time is up. So its a fitting song I believe.

  27. Love it!!!! And after perusing your titles, I'm guessing the movie would be about a true queen and his life in a lounge!?!? I love your selections.

  28. Love that you included O Fortuna. Love that song. I think it could also be used for a cat fight by the pool.

  29. I'm surprised "It's Raining Men" didn't make the list anywhere.

    1.'s always raining men here!!!!!!!


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