Monday, December 12, 2016


I sure hope everybody had a nice weekend! Yours truly was busy out of town with shopping and attending to a holiday soiree up in Harrisburg at the Capital Street Duo's fabulous place. If I recall correctly, I do believe a good time was had by all.  And yet again I told the Dame her place rivals that of department store display which I shall show later.  But last week brought about our annual Christmas trip with work to check out the infamous windows of New York. And as you guessed, to me, the elegance and opulence of Bergdorf's won out yet again.

Though they draw different audiences, museums and department stores have many parallels: Items are typically displayed in sensible patterns, just like items for sale, and exhibits and shop windows are both constructed to engage viewers. This year, Bergdorf Goodman took the connection one step further, decking its iconic holiday windows in flora, fauna, and bejeweled primates in delirious remakes of the classic dioramas seen in natural history museums. David Hoey, senior director of visual presentation for the New York department store and his team, did it again. He also cited the paintings of Henri Rousseau and 12th-century Chinese watercolor mountainscapes as inspiration for the larger-than-life scenes.There are five fantastical still lifes depicted under the theme "Destination Extraordinary"—The Book Club, The Scenic Route, The Winter Garden, The Hitchhiker, and Bird's-Eye View—which range in design from a dense green jungle to a deep-blue lagoon complete with a tightrope-walker mannequin dressed in CD Greene. Nine months in the making, the displays showcase the work of specially commissioned artisans, who created hand-painted backdrops, highly embellished objects, and unique set pieces.

This Bird's Eye View was incredible as the whole display was basically on the back wall, to appear as if one is looking down on the scene.

Loved the giraffe.

I went absolutely nuts when I saw this display. I'm obsessed with chandeliers.
The trees inside were quite spectacular in whites and greys. Very elegant with florals, taxidermy and musical instruments.

The past year Bergdorf did a huge renovation of the whole first floor. Hard to believe it could get any more elegant.... but it did!!!

A gratuitous shoe shot for RJ!!!!!! The Mistress would gladly have worn any of them!
After spending two days in New York last week, you can imagine how mentally exhausted I was after viewing so many details.


  1. Gorgeous, loverly and so creative.
    I like the swamp one best with the white
    egret to the right hand side. :-)

  2. Oh, I haven't been to Bergdorf's in years. My sister's favorite store. Thanks for the great pictures. I NEED that giraffe.

  3. I've been waiting for your Christmas windows post, Mistress! It's become a Christmas blog tradition. This year's edition does not disappoint!

  4. Stunning!
    This is such a treat for us and especially for those of us who have been to the city at Christmastime and have seen these in person before. Your post takes us there. It's truly a special time of year to be there. Thank you!

  5. Thanks for the shoe shot! I need cheering up this morning. I also absolutely love the Bergdorf's shots. I'm not on that kind of budget right now, but I'd love to shop there just once.

  6. Positively loving the Pegasus one! Extraordinary work in all of them, though. Fantasy...even bordering on Sci-Fi. Hugs!!

  7. You are aware I look forward to these post every year. Those are spectacular!

  8. We went and saw the windows about a week ago. They were spectacular as always. Bergdorfs reminds me of when I was young and lived in CA. We shopped at I.Magnin, which was another rare gem of a store. Mistress, I could live in Bergdorfs.

  9. Love these Holiday Special Presentations.

    Just imagine how hard it must have been to train that mannequin to walk a tight rope!

  10. Extremely imaginative!! I especially love the tightrope walker and the desert jackrabbit scene.

  11. No one does windows better than in New York City.magical!

  12. I too always look forward these post too. Bergdorf is always amazing aren't they? I love the tight rope with the mannequin. But there all incredible.


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