Saturday, April 4, 2020


Lady Bunny. Bianca Del Rio. Your sofa. A bottle of gin.

What more does one bitch need this Saturday night?
Werk the World, tonight at 8PM


This week in the Candy Shop, I know will not be everybody's cup of tea. But you see, being a candy connoisseur and avid eye candy expert, I like all types of candy and never limit myself to one type. That would be extremely borrrring. At first glance, I knew right away why I was drawn to Dan Geordie.
 He reminds me of the Lad.  A lot. Granted the Lad is 36 now, but the build, the face, the way they even dress, and , well, yes... the ass. Both have that rambunctious hair I like too. Dan is definitely melt in your mouth goodness, with a small, and slim body, nice pecs and smoking hot derrière. But like the Lad he has that extremely mischievous glint on the face and in the eye...where you just know they are up to no good. Dan hails from Leeds, UK, where he is happily taken, models, and is a artists.

Of course, I love a good twist. Dan is also known as Vinanelle...where he is taking Leeds by storm with his fabulous persona after only two years of drag. Werk it...but don't wreck it!!!!!


Friday, April 3, 2020


You know what to do. In this weekly feature, I'll share with you all a weekly guest,  and you tell me in only three words what come to mind.

In three words...
Harvey Fierstein


Here we are at the end of week three for me already in the pandemic. I have to say these pictures, your blogs and the reader comments, really do help the days go by and stay in a positive mood. When I got up today, I didn't seem to be in any type of mood, not as yet. Today will bring some house chores, and a clean up of the file cabinet of old documents to shredded...doesn't that sound exciting? It's cold and very windy, but may take a brisk walk later and get the steam out. I present the fifth post of pictures with still even more to post yet.!!!! Enjoy!

Countess de Bruschetta 

Midnight Magpie


One of my happy moments...the solitude and beauty of the desert...this is Owens Valley California, east side of the Sierras. 

Agnes Goldberg-DeWoofs

My friend Danny from the Pocono's and one of his Sphynx cats, Luca

Cello Josh
Elfreth's Alley
Keeping Up Appearances marathon.

I love you, Cello Josh, when can we get married!!!!!

Comics happy me happy. I think that is suppose to be her and I.

Miriam Webster
Working on my wigs always calms me and makes me happy.

The Mother. 
She shocked me by sending one in. I best keep this blog more clean!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA. Ahhh, about that post about your text,  ah see , oh well, see, all good fun.

Tweety Capone

Ursula of Opera

Morning run

Cap Chasen
The McGuire Sisters.
In addition to painting, my three parkettes, Phyllis, Dorothy and Christine always make me happy with their constant chirping all day and their antics. When they were first born and little chicks, I used to listen to the Welk Show, and they for some reason chirped like crazy when the McGuire Sisters would be on the show, hence their group name. All three are quite mischievous too. It gets quiet when I cover them for the night.

The Dame

My studio apartment and Wilma and Betty...always happy here.

Coco de Mere

These sure helped my morning today. Thank- you to all you have been sending your happy pictures in. Feel free to send them in at I still have picture to post yet! 

Thursday, April 2, 2020


Today when I woke up, I wouldn't say I was depressed, but there was a air of melancholy. I was up early too, at day break. So I made a batch of tea biscuits and then enjoyed my coffee. It's so quite here. I guess this will be the new normal for a while. Some of the suspects were here, the bold Bouvier came right up the side of the bricks to get his morning peanuts. Next thing you know, he'll want to sleep in the bed at night. Buster worries, he's not giving up his spot.
A Tippi Hendren moment
Luckily it turned into a sunny day. Nothing but quiet and music. The new normal. 
Wonder what this day will bring?

Wednesday, April 1, 2020


Sultry: (adjective) (of a person, especially a woman) attractive in a way that suggests a passionate nature, while using the wiles. That should sum up Kali  Coutour.
As our current Miss Gay Philadelphia America 2019, Kali Coutour has worked her way to become the entertainer she is today, in and around Philadelphia. Her style and performances, with Mimi Imfurst, have quickly made her a crowd favorite in weekly shows and Kali has a regular monthly show is located in Downtown Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where I'm sure she razzle and dazzles that crowd. One might say Kali is one of the classy gals in Philadelphia beside myself of course. But don't let the pretty sweet face fool ya, she will deliver some snark with the best of them. But's it's her style and performances and working with charity that also make this queen special.


It has occurred to the Mistress that here on the 17th day of self isolation, that the Casa du Borghese has become like Vegas. I'm losing money by the minute, cock-a-tails are acceptable at any hour, debauchery is taking place and nobody knows what the hell time it is.

Here's a couple chuckles. Feel free to swipe.
And my very own funny from my Instagram feed.

And speaking on RuPaul.
 Now...bring back my oils. And DON'T frack it up!

Now go sissy that frack hunties.

And yes...the Queen Ru has most defenitly lost points with me on this topic.

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