Friday, November 28, 2014


Ready for black Friday darlings?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Hope you all you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and didn't roll away from the table like I did. Anyone brave enough to start their holiday shopping today!?!? Well..... us retail queens will be out in force whether we like it or not, it's our jobs. But don't feel to sorry for me, being in visual, I won't be anywhere on or near the sales floor at our opulent store, unless their is a mishap with mannequins  or the sales floor gets to messy. Believe it or not, since I work for a luxury retailer, we don't get the hustle and bustle of most retailers....our regular customers have shopped and or done already!!!!!! I also will only be at work till noon and then I'm done!!! So best wishes for my friends in the trenches out there!!!! I figure I'll go sweater shopping...I could always use some new sweaters.........
like a grandfather cardigan...
or maybe just a cardigan....
I love me a nice cable  sweater....
but those heavy cable cardigans are sweet too.
I adore some nice high neck detail on a sweater....
maybe even a pink one could be sexy....
Love me sweaters with toggle buttons.....
or perhaps a basic black crew can never have to many of those...
those Nordic sweaters are cool to wear when in gets really cold....
But, alas, even if I don't find anything, I could always use another cable knit scarf or throw....
I'm sure these would keep me warm all winter long!!!!!!

OH HELL, give me them all!!!!! and if any of you are brave enough to venture out, best of luck, and stay safe from being trampled by the crazy insane crowds!!!!! Tootles!
*now where did I put my checkbook*...........
See y'all Monday!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2014


We are blessed so that we can bless others. I won't be around today, as I am with family, but didn't want to sign off without giving thanks to all of you, my dear friends, fellow bloggers and faithful Casa visitors. Sharing my thoughts, inspirations and silliness is so much more fun with you all.

Hope your all getting stuffed!


Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Here we are in the throws of Thanksgiving week! That means family and friends will gather and celebrate the true meaning of this holiday....excessive food and for some, maybe awkward family reunions, but not for me. We all get along just fine!!! seriously thought... it's the perfect time to express our gratitude and thanks we have, like family, friends, health and much more I'm sure. AND of course having the loveliest table setting and glorious food won't be bad at all either! The one thing I look forward to every year, as we have always done is watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade.
At the ancestral home, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is always on, even if we aren't watching the whole thing, my mother enjoys marching band music, so it's on. Macy Inc, in the parent of the company I work for, so we are eligible to be balloon handlers in the parade. Three of my co-workers signed up to be in it, and tried talking me into it, but no much as I love a parade, I have no desire to be in those crowds, and fighting traffic out of New York City, no matter how fun and memorable handling a balloon would be!!!! They will be on the Papa Smurf balloon. They did tell me there was several days of training, and all kinds of protocol to follow, and even had animation training to add excitement while walking the parade...who knew??? And ever notice in the early days, there was just about all balloons???
Although, I would like to view the parade one year from a deluxe apartment in the sky!!! How cool would that be???

But rest assured, I'll be watching for my co-workers from the comforts and warmth of the ole' ancestral home. Any parades for the holiday in your neck of the woods?


Just because my bird is big and juicy.

Monday, November 24, 2014


YES, Yes it would appear I'm happy and not minding Monday today right?!?! Well, it's sunny here today, almost 70 degrees out, my officer friend and I had some lovely drinks last night, and that lovely meal my aunt cooks is only two days away!!!!!!!!! Thought I'd share these fun Thanksgiving pictures I came across of some old Hollywood dames. How fun are these????
Angela Greene
 Ann Sheridan
Barbara Bates
 Joan Crawford. I guessing she was a master craver!!!
Judy Garland
Kate Smith, before she belts one out. 
 Shirley Temple
Vera Allen. She was always best when dancing no?
Dusty Anderson
Mary Doren
Alfred Hitchcock. Alright he's a man, but how can one not include him here? Thanksgiving would be most interesting at his home I think.

Sunday, November 23, 2014


Well, yesterday's Candy Shop was all abuzz with Steven Dehler, so I thought tonight, to end the weekend, I'd share this delightful treat of Steven playing the keys, to one of my favorite classical songs, Clair de Lune. If he was here playing this, I wouldn't know whether to get teary eyed, for it's a beautiful song, or run across the room and jump him!!!!! What's more adorable? Him playing that cute little piano, him playing shirtless, the backward baseball cap, or him playing commando?!?!?!?!? Like I said, I like a guy who can tickle my ivories, oh, I mean tickle the ivories.

I would love to be awoken by this scene every day.


Most mornings around here are very active with excitement, besides me trying to get ready.... between all the birds and Bouvier. In addition to the doves, finch, nuthatches, chickadees, Tufted Titmice and the Jays, some new faces showed up this am!
Here's Bouvier today. I thought for a minute he was contemplating a flying leap over to the window. But no, he did come down to the door for his daily helping of nuts.
This shot cracks me up.....Bouvier stretched out long on the side of the tree. He stayed like that for what seemed like forever.....

In addition to the Red Headed Woodpecker I now also have a Downy......
 The yellow finch are still hanging around in search of thistle......
They too have landed on the sill to feed...very unlike finch to feed off of. They prefer feeders or sock bags
I have no idea what kind of bird this is...research required, but he was beautiful with a brilliant yellow and red stripe as one can see.
Mr. Cardinal is back on the sill. They are around year round, but when it gets cold they tend to show up at the trough with the rest.....
Bonnie and Clyde high up in the maple...keeping a watch over the Casa....
off to the left of them you'll see Bouvier's nest in the crook.
 Bonnie roosted on the window sill for about an hour after feeding. Can you believe this???
Out by the mailboxes yesterday I noticed the Black Eyed Junco's have returned to our area, and will soon be on the sill with the others. That is good evidence winter is coming,if you need more evidence.

Saturday, November 22, 2014


From the warped mind of the fabulous Willam comes this spoof, Hole Pic, of  the dance song Selfie. This time solo from her group of the now defunct DWV. And leave it to Willam to have some nice eye candy!


This week the Candy Shop is opening it's doors to the likes of some very delicious candy with some nice buff assets of Steven Dehler, who is a model, bartender, and a pretty good piano player. He is from Southern California if you couldn't tell from his blond hair and blue eyes. He been modeling for years now and seems to be a natural at it, showing us his wonderful assets, have you seen those legs... but says he won' do frontal nudity. A classy gal I'm guessing. I had just met his acquaintance and I'm not usually attracted to other blondes, but was very smitten with his looks and personality. I was even more happy to hear he plays for my team but, alas, has a long term boyfriend. So lets all sample from afar shall we.......

I love a guy that can tickle the ivories.....
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