Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Lady Galore is one of my favorite bigger queens right next to Latrice Royale and Delta Work....and was created for Gay Pride 2009 in Amsterdam. After that she was unstoppable. She is ever sharp and right on point with her signature style. She started out making her own outfits, practicing make-up and making appearances to various party’s throughout the first year. Throwing her own party’s, photo-shoots and uploading YouTube video’s were the next step. After only 2 years she has been strutting her stuff on a international level. Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Madrid, Antwerp, Cologne, Belfast, Glasgow, Stockholm…. the sky is the limit. She started up several events like the “right to feel safe” protest in 2010 and the annual Drag Queens United event. Taboo’s fabulous cocktail wednesday’s, Gay high tea’s, and conceptualized Fancy Friday wich is happening every friday at Queers Bar.  For 4 years every Sunday she organised, hosted, presented and performed at her own event called “Lady Galore’s Drag Night” But after 208 shows it was time to step up her game and she’s went on to bigger things like hosting her own stage show. Since than Lady Galore’s been travelling the world. performing in every major city in europe and making new plans for the future including her first ever stop in the US, where she will undoubtedly spread her message of "Let’s make more GLAMOUR!" Her website.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


People tell me all the time that I'm not wrap to tight, and your probably shocked right? Well it should come as no surprise then that the Casa du Borghese's official pup, Buster Bolfig Borghese should be any different. Just like my dearly departed Starbooty, who took after her dear Mistress's habits, so has  Buster took up on many of his Mistress's habits...the good and the bad. Although, I don't lift my leg when peeing....he learned that from the ex!!!! No, Buster definitely likes his lounging in the king sized canopy bed, likes to sleep in, hate cold wet weather, enjoys good and tasty meats and cheeses and vegetables....and as been known to guard my gin collection. But Buster is also very extroverted like myself, and thinks everybody and every creature is his friend. Last week before departing for the beach we took our usual neighborhood walk. About halfway in the walk I hear a small meowing and out pops a cute kitty named Trixie.
And was Trixie ever friendly. She immediately popped out from behind a shed and came to greet Buster who was only to happy to mingle.
I did think it was cute how she got submissive and let Buster think he had the upper hand....
After some time sniffing and mingling Buster was ready to move on. I was worried Trixie may follow, but she just laid there greeting us good evening as we continued down the road.
Buster is always happy around cats and squirrels. Even when Bouvier comes around for his nuts, Buster just sits there while I feed him. He even sniffed the poor critter once when he took the peanuts from my hand .Although I'm sure Bouvier was probably appalled. We humans could take a note from these two...and get along with matter if were different.

Monday, September 18, 2017


I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Last week, friends of mine who have a home in Rehoboth called and said they had a cancellation of another guest staying at their lovely home, so they called to see if I wanted to go along. Well, who am I to pass up a weekend at the sea side, and the weather couldn't have been more glorious. now it's back to work for my first full week. I came across this fabulous video of old Hollywood clips set to the song of Uptown Funk from Bruno Mars. It is the coolest thing I have seen, and have no idea how the person created it so perfect to the music, while being in synch with the old clips....but if this doesn't get us going today, I don't know what will!! Nothing like seeing Rita Hayworth, Ginger Rodgers and more dance to this ditty.

Happy Monday!!!!

Friday, September 15, 2017


In this weekly feature, I'll share a picture of a weekly guest and you tell me in only three words what come to mind.

In three words.....
Hedy Lamarr
Have a good  weekend all!!!!!  The Mistress is tied up this weekend and will be scarce.  See you Monday!

Thursday, September 14, 2017


I was a HUGE fan of Amy Winehouse. When she came along, it was a time I had almost become board with music and then wham...along came Amy with a new twist on a old vintage sound with that raspy voice. In such a short time, Amy Winehouse won five Grammy Awards for her 2006 album Back to Black, and is remembered for songs like "Rehab," " You Know I'm no Good "Back to Black" "Fuck Me Pumps" and "Valerie." Is it any wonder I loved her!?! And lets not mention that over the top vintage style, those trademark eyes and bee-hive hair do. She died in 2011, at age 27, sadly. But today would have been her birthday.

Born in London, England, on September 14, 1983, Amy Winehouse broke into the music business when, at age 16, a classmate passed on her demo tape. She signed her first record deal as a jazz vocalist, and her music later blossomed into an eclectic mix of jazz, pop, soul and R&B. Winehouse then went on to win the five Grammy Awards connected to her 2006 album Back to Black. Winehouse died tragically on July 23, 2011, at the age of 27 from accidental alcohol poisoning. I can still remember hearing the news. I was set to go poolside that day, but instead stayed home and listened to all my Winehouse cd's. I had also dreamed of having a cock-a-tail or 6 with her in a bar one day. I thought that might have been cool. Yes, you are still remember Ms. Winehouse, and I shall raise a toast to you tonight and listen to your wonderful gifts you left behind.
Amy Jade Winehouse
 September 14 1983 –  July 23 2011

My four favorite Winehouse songs..... I highly recommend each.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Well dear ones, the Mistress is ready to enter the rat race again, and head back to work after having all summer off. After being called back to the same company again, and some wheeling and dealing, the Mistress will be going back to work as a visual stylist, doing what makes me happy once again. And the extra pay increase didn't hurt. The best thing is I'll be working much closer to more 1hr and 15 minute commute, which means, no more getting up at 4:30am!!!! Which means, like Ms. Crawford, I'll have time to relax a spell in the morning and relax before heading out.
Just wait to they take a gander at me. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Astala Vista isn’t just a Drag Queen, she’s the Craziest Cat Lady you'll ever meet! With 6 pussies of her own and a questionable one below the belt, she’ll give your neighborhood cat lady a run for her money! This Queen is one funny person and her quirky performances are nothing short of pure hilarity! She puts a unique spin on every performance she brings to the stage, including comical twist on classic movies such as The Exorcist and The Wizard of Oz. Astala is a New Jersey based Drag Performer with huge, big hair, long nails, and too much make-up, are part of the package for this bitch Her over-the-top and unconventional looks make me think that ANYTHING can be turned into an outfit with enough creativity and hot glue. Astala can be seen all over New Jersey, and in NYC at select clubs. To check her calendar click here.

Monday, September 11, 2017


Over the weekend, I finally got my fanny back down to Philly for a lovely brunch with friends I hadn't seen all summer. When they said we were going to Talula's Garden I knew I had to break my weekend exile for this. I had read in Bon Appetite magazine it had been rated #6 in the country for new places to dine.
Tucked between two commercial buildings, Talula's Garden is an oasis of greenery with a latticework of potted plants climbing the patio walls. The greenhouse-inspired interior is brimming with flowers, nature-themed cylindrical lamps, and pressed leaf artwork in light wooden frames. Decor aside, Talula’s main event is weekend brunch. Talula’s Garden is one of those restaurants that you might miss if you were just passing by,  because of how it's located, and the gate at the front is covered with plants that kind of block the view of the dining area from the outside, which is why this place is sort of a secret.
 I really love how their menus are clipped together by clothes-lines clips.  The first one in yellow is their cheese menu which I read so much about. And how cool are the seed packets for diners... to promote green and gardening...
We chose to sit outside in the main “garden” because I wanted this experience to be different.  I could describe walking into the space as magical.  It’s like leaving the hustle and bustle of the city and stepping into an oasis where you expect to see fairies flying around. Of course I was the only fairy flying around. With me present you know we had to start with cheese, being the sixth food group....and then followed up with our tempting mouth-watering brunch.
Talula’s Little Donuts buttery balls and Coffee with Chantilly Cream ended a perfect brunch.
After this, I did lick the plate clean I believe, and people will wonder why I look like a stuffed pig at a pig roast.


I thought we'd enjoy one more quite Monday Moments before they turn back into one of my infamous hate/hate relationships I have with them in since ever. I know I haven't worked all summer, but I am guessing those slick bastards still sneak in over night and bitch slap you but real good come morning. I still have the slap marks from the last one. Ah well, when Monday is done, the rest of the week flies by. I can hear me now. "Where have you been all week Friday, you sexy beast. We've been waiting for you since Monday."  In the meantime, who doesn't enjoy cake?!? Cakes make everything better don't they????

Who wants a slice????
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