Saturday, April 22, 2017


Don't blame me, blame JP...he opened the can of worms and now got me on a ABBA kick....perfect for any Saturday night. How do you not like ABBA?


Adam Cowie, born in 1988, in London, England, is a British model. This 6-foot-2 stunner started his modeling career in 2009 as the face of Schultz underwear. This then followed by a campaign for “Ursus” beer commercial. By 2010, Cowie started to change his look by cutting down, leaning up, and growing his beard. Fashion designers quickly noticed his strong masculine and chiselled look and soon he had major jobs lined up. But if truth be told, I think he would make one yummy houseboy. Should I offer him a position you think????? Ahhhhhhh, that jaw line.......
Can't you just hear that lovely accent????

Friday, April 21, 2017


hEY!!!!!!! It's Friday finally and another weekend upon us. And by the looks of things, your Mistress has happy hour under way.......

If those neighborhood bitches stop by, they'll think I'm just having afternoon tea!
Bottoms up


In this weekly feature, I'll share a picture of a weekly guest and you tell me in only three words what come to mind. 

In three words......Birthday Girl....
Her Royal Highness,
Queen  Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, Elizabeth II

Thursday, April 20, 2017


"Not your mamma's Broadway show!"

What could make this gladiatorial display of musical theatre singing chops better? Philadelphia drag queen and diva, Cleo Phatra. I recently became acquainted with Cleo and liked her instantly. For one hour each week, Cleo and her weekly guests transform the Ascend Lounge at Tavern on Camac 
into a delightful and intimate cabaret theater. Ranging from the Golden Age of Broadway to the hit musicals of today, Cleo Phatra has all the bases covered and amply so. From the thrilling lyrics of Sondheim to the gritty rawness of Jason Robert Brown's melodies, the local talent accompanying Cleo creates a spectacle like no other. Accompanying the event are the incomparable cocktails of Vince Dean, Tavern's premiere mixologist, who acclimates Cleo's guests to the mood of the evening through liquid effervescence, and generously poured well drinks.Irreverent, funny, endearing, and dramatic, Gabyill ushers out the grind of the work week with song and dance and is the perfect complement for any night on the town. You can also catch Cleo some weeks at the Drag Diva Brunch at Cibo's
And here's a great shot of Cleo after a recent show I met her at. No one in Philly works a discomono like Cleo Phatra!!!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Well, what can I say? It was a very nice five day weekend, and much relaxing going on. The Mistress was on good behavior since I was around my family for most of it. It was also a rare weekend when the Mistress got to hang out with my mother for some quality time. Since it was a gorgeous weekend, we headed to Hershey. I don't know if I ever mentioned, but where I grew up in Harrisburg it is a very short 15 minute jaunt to Hershey PA...yes!!!!! The chocolate Hershey. It is small, but a very chic , quaint little town. You probably guessed, most of the town revolves around chocolate, which is not a bad thing. Even the tan bark there for gardening contains cocoa, the whole town smell of cocoa, and the street lights look like Hershey Kisses.

They have their own world class theater...

Then there are the magnificent mansions along Cocoa Avenue, like Milton Hershey's home...

The beautiful back entrance to the Hershey Spa...
You may recall a while back I went to the Hotel Hershey's Spa, where I got a cocoa body wrap, massage, facial and mani/ped. What can I say...I'm a huge spa whore. Just because the case line is almost middle aged, doesn't mean I shouldn't keep it polished!!! During the body wrap all I wanted to do was lick and eat myself!!!  The opening picture is the Hotel Hershey on Saturday when we were there. The tulips were awesome to see. The reason for being there? My mother surprised me by taking me to the Butterfly Atrium
It was a pretty cool place, and one can walk among 500 - 600 butterflies from around the world in a tropical setting that features colorful plants and a soothing water feature. Only one of 25 indoor, tropical butterfly atriums in the country, Hershey Gardens’ Butterfly Atrium is home to dozens of rare butterflies from South and Central America, Africa and Asia. Another cool thing was a whole area  devoted to the chrysalis that offers guests a rare glimpse into the pupal stage of the butterfly. Hundreds of jewel-like chrysalids hang in the special area until they emerge and are released into the Atrium with the others. It is pretty darn cool to walk amongst some many butterflies.
Butterflies are probably the only bug I would let climb on me, and allow myself to get near. The day put me into the spring mood for sure.  Not to mention my aunt's mouth watering Easter dinner on Sunday. Upon getting back, I even got to see the Lad who was in NJ to see his family for Easter, so we were able to get together to rendezvous for a day. And all we did was relax and  "hang out" . Among other activities.
We did our own cocooning.

Saturday, April 15, 2017


Long before plastic eggs, marshmallow peeps and  everybody on cell phones, Easter was about bonnets, pretty dresses and celebrating one of the most important dates on the Christian calendar. While my family was neither conservative or religious, Easter was always our third big holiday where we all would get together and have a spring time meal, to welcome the spring season and time to renew. And my aunt cooks a mean Easter dinner, I'm here to tell you. I used to love some of the Easter traditions of yester year.  What was Easter like when you were a kid? These are some things you never seen anymore.

Do kids even get Easter baskets anymore???? I would always receive one, and blushing.......still do! My mother always does a little one with just a few pieces of candy and a few colored eggs. And usually some mini bottles of gin. When young, I always had a basket with candy,jelly beans, and usually a stuffed  bunny.

Yes we still dress up on Easter, and I remember when I was young, my grandmother and mother always took me for a new outfit which always had a little bow tie. Do  people still shop for new Easter ensembles?
Egg hunts??? I know our fair hamlet has one this Saturday and always do. It is fun to watch the kids all dressed up. And they actually do find the eggs. At the end, someone from the borough hall dresses up like the Easter bunny.

Sugar eggs. My grandmother always got the grandkids one and her daughters. I haven't seen one in years. I always thought they were so cool. The hollow sugar egg, a vestige of Victorian Easter traditions, had a peephole at one end. Inside was a miniature, idyllic scene of frosting flowers and edible rabbits, which was so compelling that I could not bear to part with it, much less eat it.

Remember when crowds would pack streets to watch the Easter Parade? Neither do I. But I would so do this now if they still had them. I remember my grandparents telling me stories of themselves doing this. They would walk the Second Street boulevard in downtown Harrisburg, and show their finery to all.

Easter hats.Women decked out in their Easter bonnets on Easter. My grandmothers both had a huge assortments of chapeaus. And on Easter they brought out the fanciest ones. And they both had milliners they went to religiously. Of course truth be told, EVERYDAY should be a say something hat day!

Bunny ears! Yes, bunny ears! Hey.... there fun. Try them in bed some night with your man!!!

I'll be away for a extended weekend for the Easter holiday to visit family and friends up north. I'll return some time next week. In the meantime, what ever your Easter traditions, I wish you all a wonderful, and pleasant happy time  this Easter.

Happy Easter!!!

Friday, April 14, 2017


In this weekly feature, I'll share a picture of a weekly guest and you tell me in only three words what come to mind. 

In three words......
Lady Bunny
Only the most fabulous queen EVER.

Thursday, April 13, 2017


Well, looks like the hibernation is over. I do believe it is now spring after all, which means I have been cleaning the Casa and getting it ready for the spring. It is nice to be able to have the windows wide open. You may be shocked, but even at night currently I sleep with the windows half open. I'm extremely warm blooded. I turned off my heat mid March. So what's been going on at the Casa? It's time for renewal.

I always love spring...time for white denim jeans, shorts, nice colors, and lighter fabrics. Here's one of my famous pattern mix ups....a floral comber shirt and a pin strip blazer.

Since it's almost Friday, should we break into happy hour early????

It's fully stock with many gins....WHAT A SHOCK!

And don't even think of swiping a bottle.....Buster is on duty!!!

The apothecaries are ready for Easter.....

Hot Cross Buns anyone???? My grandmothers recipe.

Meanwhile in the living room, white cherry blossoms......

After the floral arranging, Buster was wiped out.

After last summers repainting, I finally got around to doing my gallery wall of art and family and friends, photographs.

I am finally used to the dark Newport Blue of the boudoir.....
All these clocks and I'm still fashionably late......
Buster's favorite sock monkey. It disappears all the time when he is here at his country house. But after that mini tour.....All Buster wants to know is when he can have a ice cold one too?

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