Tuesday, November 12, 2019


We've been hit tootes!!! 
 It seems over night the Casa du Borghese was hit by the fucking troll who has been graiffing many blogs. This person has hit over 80 post with non sense. My Social Director, Ms. Moorcock has spent a better part of two hours deleting their dirty and nasty comments, but to mention a spam bot hit. Some keep these comments there, but i dont want litter amongst the comments! Unfortunately like Debs, Anne Marie and Mildred comment moderation will be on. I hate to do this as it cuts in on the fun banter we have....but it will be on temporarily. So far Ms. Moorecock said only one comment showed. As you can see she is busily working.

Any ideas why this is happening would be welcomed to hear.

Monday, November 11, 2019


This weekend really felt like autumn finally. I took another relaxing weekend to myself...with exception to a early morning walk about in New Hope, the market, and lunch with a friend, otherwise it was all relaxing, candle lit, and spending time in my briefs. Later in the week, Ill be off to help open a store in Norwalk Connectinut...so rest up now. Here are some snaps for this Monday.  
Along the canal in New Hope
A view from Bowman's Hill Tower. What a leg work out that was! But the money shot was worth it.
Lunch with friend Domenic..looking sly?
At the market. Love the white pumpkins.
A water pump house along the canal.
Upon getting home...there was a welcome committee awaiting at the woods edge. And the wild turkeys were also spotted. I have to keep an eye out to see if I can get a picture of them.
My first shot of the day along the Delaware River looking to Lambertville with the sun coming out. It was peaceful and calm. I'm surprised I'm not more of a morning person.
Hope everybody's Monday is going well!?!


Sunday, November 10, 2019


One of TV’s brightest gems has one of the strangest names, which means that its quiet four season run on PBS may have passed you by. There’s still time! When I talk to friends and family about it, they never even heard of it. It's no secret I don't watch much tv, and If I do, it's mostly PBS, or British tv. For three seasons, Masterpiece audiences have been charmed by The Durrells in Corfu.

 The story is based on the real Durrell family... of a hilariously, dysfunctional, quirky family who decamps from dreary England to a sun-dappled Greek island. In the fourth and final season the Durrells’ idyllic island life is cut short by the outbreak of World War II.

 The series begins in 1935, when Louisa Durrell suddenly announces that she and her four children will move from Bournemouth to the Greek island of Corfu. Her husband has died some years earlier and the family is experiencing financial problems. A battle ensues as the family adapts to life on the island which, despite a lack of electricity, proves that Corfu is cheap and an earthly paradise It's  been established that this isn’t a series about posh people, but it could still look (to some) like a stodgy historical drama. It is truly anything but. The Durrells is incredibly funny, thanks largely to Keeley Hawes’ “grin and bear it” portrayal of Louisa Durrell, who is unflappable in the face of everything her children get involved in ,and that she sometimes gets involved in as well. Her eldest son Larry ,Josh O’Connor, is something of a confidant but also a consternation as he grumpily writes his novels, and giddily and constantly brings a revolving door of girlfriends to the house.  Leslie ,Callum Woodhouse is an exasperating dolt who loves shooting his guns and puffing himself up beyond his abilities, but he’s also increasingly likable ,he’s also hilariously worshipped by their entertaining and deadpan elderly and often infirm housekeeper Lugaretzia, played by Anna Savva. Margot ,Daisy Waterstone, is interested in everything, but not particularly good at anything, though her desire to find her vocation is one that echoes the show’s overall themes.

Waterstone’s portrayal of Margot as an earnest ditz is truly fantastic. Finally, Gerry.

Gerry is a young naturalist who keeps an array of animals to study throughout the house, inside and out, adding to the already carnival-esque atmosphere within their abode. I'd also be remiss if I didn't mention the fun performance by the legendary Leslie Caron as the Countess Mavrodaki

and the beyond handsome Alexis Georgoulis...

as Louisa's sough after and handsome crush, Spiro.

Oh my is he handsome. I'm sad to see yet another good show end in a already crowded field of garbage. If you did watch the show and haven't seen the final season yet. you'll be treated with easy going, low key, and whimsical touchstones that made the show so good over the years.  And if your just now hearing of the series and watch on a streaming network....your in for a treat.I'll miss this gem.It's a show I could see myself in. I was touched to see it end with a dinner in the sea.

Saturday, November 9, 2019


Right off the bat, no, I did not go and get laid by a farm hand in a barn.
 It's these!
Two weeks ago, Margo, a lady with a booth at the farmers market,  sold me these fresh eggs. She has Copper Marans and Speckled Legbar's. On a side note, her pumpkin and gingerbread waffles are also to die for.  A co-worker at my old job used to bring me eggs every couple days. Around these parts it's very common to see signs for Fresh Eggs for sale. Today, I made a huge onion omelet once home. I may never go back to store bought.The yolks are so rich amber, and the taste, by far, fresh tasting.


Armed Forces staff sergeant Gideon Connelly was only 21 when a motorcycle accident took his left leg. Nasty scene: the throttle jammed on his bike, and he lost control of it just as a car was coming around the corner. . Taken to Walter Reed Hospital, he was given a choice: wait three years for his leg to possibly recuperate, or amputate now. That was in 2011. In 2016, he was  training to run with a prosthetic leg. His goal: to be part of the U.S. Olympics track-and-field team.In 2014, at the Warrior Games in Colorado Springs, he ran the 200-meter dash in 29.4 seconds. At the Invictus Games in 2016, he ran 100 meters in 13.46 seconds, and 27.48 seconds in the 200-meter competition. At the 2016 Paralympic Nationals, he ran 12.9 seconds in 100 meters and in the 200-meter race, he ran 27.2 seconds.
Throughout his post-accident ordeal, his eyes were on the prize: after the hospital, he wanted his old body back. He started lifting and running again. He had to learn how to use a prosthetic correctly, to get the energy return out of it. In Maryland, he went through two coaches, trying to learn technique, style, track workouts, and functional movement. As well, he was working a full-time job. Gideon was always driven. At age 20, in addition to being in the Maryland National Guard, he bartended and worked weekends at Home Depot.His mother had left him with relatives when he was 14. He had been in and out of homes. No dad in the picture, but his two uncles who were incredible role models, and very supportive. He was on his own again after finishing high school. He wasn’t a natural student, but the one thing he did love in school: running track. After his accident, he decided to strive for returning to the sport, but it wasn’t a straight and narrow path. But his two uncles stepped in again and got him on track so to speak. The rest is history with a successful military career in the Armed Forces and just some causal modeling.
An inspiration really.

Friday, November 8, 2019


In this weekly feature, I'll share a guest with you, and you tell me in three words what comes to mind.

In three words...
Babs Streisand

Thursday, November 7, 2019


The Mistress is so exhausted tonight from work, I got nothing. But I'll say this, it's nice to come home to a good companion. Many of us in this close knit blog community have little loved fur ones running about. After years of having dogs and one cat, it never tires to see and hear your pet coming running to greet you. Even though my ex and I split custody of Buster, he's the lucky one to be a country and city mouse. It's very strange when he's not here. But with our schedules, when we each have him it works out great.  Once home tonight, on a damp, rainy and chilly late afternoon and feeling haggard, Buster Bolfig and I took a nice, rare, treat...a nap in the week. It was heavenly.
Look at that face. What I find interesting is that, even sleeping, his ears are up...I surmise this is his way of being alert and keeping a watchful eye and ear. Right by side. And no matter what you look like, age, sex, body type, orientation, or any other stats, they love us unconditionly and all they want in return is to be loved. When I go to work, he will look out the window till Im in my car, and out of sight. I know, because once I stopped at the entrance to the complex and I saw him leap down from the window. I always find that cute.
And of course the cute looks....Buster knows if he puts it on thick, Ill give him a treat.
He apparently like bears.
I have this feeling the remaining hours of the evening will entail lots of cuddling.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019


Ethylina Canne...the grande dame of Palm Springs!!!  I have long adored her style.

She often embodies the three F’s when he steps onto a stage. Anyone who has seen Ethylina Canne channel old Hollywood glamour or “Dynasty” diva Alexis Carrington on Sunday nights at Toucans Tiki Lounge knows Ethylinas also has a talent for bringing fun to a performance.But when she competed in LA’s Best in Drag Show, it was another F that likely gave him the edge to win the whole shebang. Fantasy.Ethylina created a new character and backstory based on Christmas, a holiday he’s been gaga over since childhood. It’s easy to imagine young Ethylina as one of those kids whose Christmas Eve dreams hosted disco-dancing sugar plums.Fresh from his Best in Drag victory, he recently revealed to Desert Outlook, a local paper a new dream, his journey from Morro Bay to Palm Springs, and his thoughts on taking drag to the next level. But what I like most about her is his old school drag style and over the top hair. If your going to do drag big hair is a must in my book, and she’s the kind of girl who always has a nod to old Hollywood. She’s got class and style and sophistication. At the same time, she’s about entertaining the audience and bringing about laughter without having to be crass. Althought she is crass too! Her lastest show is Foxie Moxie, where tickets are available at Eventbrite and her Christams Show is a must see.

Monday, November 4, 2019


Ahhhhhhhhh, Ann Miller can always make everything better. With exception to the legend Cyd Chaise, Ann Miller may have been one Hollywood's best dancers in my opinion. And she was just deemed a Patron Saint here at the Cas du Borghese.


Good morning where ever you may be. Oh gosh, the mornings for me are usually difficult. I sleep to well, and hate getting up. I'm am not a morning person. I have always loved the night. Once I get  going in the day and week I'm fine. I have decided I am going to eliminate  a few things from my daily life, and I'm going to try my best and not read or hear anything about the news. So depressing and toxic. I think the message of the day should be to just chill and have a good day. The weekend was much needed un-plugging myself from everything...it was just lovely. I did take one stroll  into the woods and that was invigorating.
Happy Monday all!!!!
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