Sunday, September 15, 2019


There was no rest for the weary this summer! Between Fire Island and Rehoboth Beach, the Lad and I were back up in the Pocono Mountains at the lovely and welcoming Woods Campground.  I know it's hard to believe the Mistress likes glamping, but this place is all inclusive, the friendliness people and staff and wonderful amenities abound. Nightclub, lake, trails, social events and parties, and just walking around the camp ground many will invite you on to their site for a nice stiffener. This weekend was their wonderful Illumination weekend, where the whole camp ground is lit up with candles, torches, luminary bags on all paths,  and all kinds of lights. Some set ups are very elaborate. The Mistress was also back up last weekend  for their very fun Bear Weekend where I and two other bitches hosted sex toy bingo!!!. It was pretty cool, and I got to meet the bear who made and directed the Bear City series of movies. Doug has a wonderful site there. And if you like bears,  you'd love the movies. The third one was filmed right at the Woods!!! He asked if I and my good friend Mame, if we wanted to do a commercial for the Woods, and if not, would we do a porn!!!! I declined both offers, but of cousre!!!!

Some sites from Bear Weekend
The Lad took a gratuitous shot while I was out cold. 
That bitch.
I ran into this guy along the stream one afternoon escaping the pool. He made these incredible rock sculptures and then added these wild flower arrangements. They were pretty cool. It was great talking to him, and his patience to balance these things.
A new friend I met that weekend, Jeremy, a lovely bear, and not to bad on the eyes, Hubba Hubba, took the Mistress out for a canoe ride. And they say chivalry is dead!!!

Our Bingo still! Starry Nights, Moi, and  Carlotta Attendant
Starry after she saw my nude shot at the pool from the Lad.
Im not asking question about the next few.

Illuminations Weekend
Shots for all!!!!!!

Bottle trees made from all blue Sky and Blue Coat gin bottles
Gay of Thrones!

This Alice in Wonderland theme was incredible...and they won the contest.
But the biggest surprise was when Pearly Gates called, and she escaped Ptown and finally.... and made an appearance at the Woods!!!! Good times I tell you! And bitch can work that fan! Gawd, I love summer.
Next weekend is the Mistress's last appearance for the summer up there. If your there, come say hi y 'all. I'll even give you a stiffener too.

Saturday, September 14, 2019


To welcome back everybody in the Candy Shop, we don't have one succulent sweet treat for us to enjoy, but more the talent of one  Felipe who hails from Miami. Felipe is a very talented photographer, I became familiar with on the gram. All his work is stunning but his water and beach work really get me. Just looking at the male form in the water free floating is spectacular and very erotic. I think these images speak for themselves.

Friday, September 13, 2019


In this feature, tell us what comes to mind with our weekly guest in only three words.

In three words...
John Waters

Thursday, September 12, 2019


Well after Fire Island, it was back to work for four days, while the Lad relaxed  at the Casa du Borghese, before we we're off again for the next beach destination, Rehoboth Beach, a lovely little beach town I've been going to since the early 90's. You may be asking yourself "Mistress, didn't you already have enough beach time?" To which I reply is there such a thing??? It's the easiest of my beach locales to get to , with in a 2 !/2 hour drive. Maybe while it's not as gay as it used to be, or as all gay as Fire Island or P-Town, the gay community is very well respected and received here. 

Close proximity to Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and Baltimore, where most of the queens come from... and only a short drive from several cities that have large gay communities, it’s easy to see why gay Rehoboth Beach has become such a popular spot for gays and lesbians on the east coast. With over 200 Gay owned and operated businesses, it’s no surprise this sandy hamlet has one of the most bustling gay beach communities in the United States.
The Beaches: Boasting two popular gay beaches and warm water and weather in the summers, Rehoboth Beach is an ideal east coast vacation destination, and has tax free shopping! Rehoboth Beach is located in Delaware, as popular for it tax shelter status as it is for its extremely clean beaches and gay friendly status. There are hundreds of gay owned and operated businesses patronized by a population that swells in numbers in the summer months. The boardwalk is a great place to people watch at night, and has about four blocks of your usual fare one finds on a boardwalk... but the town offers more boutiques and artesian shops over tourist trap shops and excellent restaurants, and there are several nightlife options. 
Most days there started at my favorite place in Rehoboth Egg. Their brunch and breakfast is sooooooo good, and their signature cock-a-tails are very creative. The Lad's Bloody Mary was spicy and contained shrimp!
My eggs benedict.
And I love the big cock on the wall.

If you enjoy watching gay men, Aqua is the perfect place with their huge deck and refreshing cock-a-tails
The delish margaritas at Dos Locos.
Shopping for more swim wear!!!!
Like New Hope, some fun signs seen around, and who was I too argue with them?
I love a queen who embraces the bigger is better motto.
The trip always calls for a stop at the award winning Dolles for their salt water taffy! You can even see it being made. The Lad and I later had our own taffy pull!
While in Rehoboth one must go to the legendary Blue Moon for some debauchery and see fellow queen Magnolia Applebottom with her various shows. This bitch is going places. 
We caught her Climax with Magnolia while there. She is crazy!
Meanwhile up at Diego's Hideaway I couldn't seem to get away from Kitty Glitter whom we just saw in Fire Island. She was dj-ing for the night.
Just a small crowd....

It was a tad sad when it was time to go after Labor Day but summer continues till the fat lady sings!!! I hope to get back off season sometime. And remember when I was saying it's all about the bigger is better motto...
Go big or go home I've LONG said.
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